After Dinner & Drinks  

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12/24/2005 5:31 am

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After Dinner & Drinks

As you lay there all cute and cuddly with your head snuggled up on my chest, I slowly work my arm from under you. I walk around to the foot of the bed. I softly press my tongue up against your ankle and slowly move it upwards towards your calf, to the knee and finally get a taste of that succulent thigh. As I get to the top of the thigh, I put a whole new spelling into the succulent. The tip of my tongue gives long careful licks to the outer most areas of your groin as I firmly massage your hips and waist. I insert my tongue into your navel and give it a twirl as my probing fingers move towards your breast deeply massaging you every inch of the way. As the hands finally get to there destination my fingers part and close then close encompassing your nipples as they squeeze and roll them softly at first but constantly adding a little more pressure. My tongue departs the navel area and continues its journey upwards as my hands find there way to your gorgeous hair and manages to weave through and massage your scalp.

My tongue finally comes to rest at a point between two hills and just twirls as it can't decide to take the road to the left or right. I wrap both arms around your neck as my tongue starts the journey up your sternum. As I have been fully erect for sometime by now I must fight the urge to just plow into you with one thrust of my hips. My heart is beating and the blood is boiling and like a vampire I just clamp my mouth onto your soft neck and attempt to suck you inside out.

With my arms still wrapped around you I pull you up off the sheets about 5 inches and nibbling on your ears, giving you wet fast licks into the ear and rubbing my manhood between your slit and letting it brush up against your clit. I let you lay back down again and roll you over on your stomach, move your hair up and give a long, deep hard suck and kisses to the back of your neck as my hands firmly squeeze and massage your breasts. I release my mouth from your neck and let my tongue slowly slide down the center of your back, past your hips and waist and start kissing your thighs. I stand myself up on the floor and grab your ankles and pull you all the way back to the foot of the bed. I get back on the bed and straddle over you, grab your hands and pull them straight in front of the head board. I intertwine my fingers with yours and squeeze your soft hands. I rub and massage your arms, working my way down to your shoulder blades and deeply massaging your neck with my thumbs and fingers. I proceed to deeply rubbing and massage your back and begin to firmly squeeze your sexy ass.

I rub down the back of your thighs parting your thighs and so I may rub their inner parts. I stand up place my arms under you and lift you up on your feet, press myself up against you from behind pull you tight into me while squeezing your breast and begin to suck on the back of your neck. I turn you to face me, pull you into my arms, squeeze you tightly, and meet you mouth to mouth exploring the inside of your wet mouth, sucking on your tongue and forcing my tongue into the back of your neck. I lean forward, lay you on your back, and get on the knees. I grab your waist with both hands, and let my tongue start tracing the outline of your bush. I moisten every single hair all the way down to the root with my lips and let my tongue just glide on the outer parts of your sweet vagina lips. I can't wait any longer and must get a taste so I let my tongue part your throbbing vagina and give it long slow deep wet licks. I just have to insert my tongue all the way in and give it a slow firm twirl tasting the inner most parts of your sweet flowing juices as they run down your inner walls.

I come up a few inches and slide my hands down your waist, with my fingers I expose your waiting clit. I lightly part my lips, place them on your clit, and gently wave my head to feel your clit rub against my lips from one side to the other, then I suck and catch it between my lips and let my tongue work on it as if it was an ice- cream cone on a hot summer day. I can hear you moaning and I let my lips release your clit so that I may catch it between my teeth and gently grind your clit into ecstasy. I pinch and pull your clit with my the suction of my lips as I let the center of my tongue roll around it.

Tell me what you would like to happen next:

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10/25/2010 10:23 am

Wow!! Nice writing!

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