Part I - Suppression of Female Sexuality  

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3/8/2005 7:18 am

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Part I - Suppression of Female Sexuality

Sexual desire is quite simply the force or motivation that compels us to reproduce, to have sex. It is no different than the desire to eat and sleep. It is a primary urge that significantly influences our lives, because it is essential to our survival. It often controls us more than we control it. While we may try to suppress our sexuality, our sexual desire and energy will be expressed in one form or another. Since we now have the means of avoiding conception, our sexual desire often becomes a desire for sexual pleasure and physical intimacy.

Sexual desire is a mental perception and is only what we perceive it to be. In society, male sexual desire is usually seen as good and beneficial while female sexual desire is often seen as bad and harmful. Societies have often worshipped nonsexual women, virgins and virginal mothers. Religions frequently label sexual women as sinners and witches. How a woman perceives her desire is then determined and controlled by the society she lives in and those who defy society do so at the cost of being called sluts and whores.

While knowing this, a woman may define her sexual desire as something else or deny it all together. In the past, and to some degree today, we say a woman was either in love or out of control when she expressed sexual desire. If she married she was in love and if she had casual sex, multiple partners, or female partners she was out of control. Her sexual energy was seen as a sign of rebellion. This forced women to deny and suppress their sexual desire and identity if they wanted to be accepted by their peers.

In today's society, we frequently expect women to be sexual and orgasmic while still remaining virginal. Many if not most men have been taught they should not want a sexual wife. A girlfriend can be a slut but a wife must be a virgin. Female sexual desire must always be controlled and expressed at appropriate times and in appropriate ways. Women in the past were labeled nymphomaniacs if they expressed any outward interest in sex. Now if they express too much interest they may be called a sex addict. Is it possible that only the label applied to a sexual woman has changed with time and not our opinion of her? Who exactly is defining what is too much? What is sexual addiction and what is a strong yet normal sex drive?

We are still left with a society which sets distinctly different sexual boundaries for males and females. The brutal suppression of female sexuality is generally very subtle and covert in western cultures. Societal and religious remnants of traditional thoughts unite to fuel the effort to inhibit female sexuality while granting continued male sexual freedom. Can we continue to fuel the suppression of female sexuality? We must cross generational, cultural, and racial boundaries in re-educating ourselves. We must all join together in an effort to understand the forces that define our lives. We must no longer be held slaves to traditional roles.

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dude, you're preaching to the choir - but nice underwear!!!! and yeah...slavery to "traditional roles" is what i've been avoiding my entire life...that's why I love bloggin on AdultFriendFinder, I have found somewhere to share my memories, feelings, and experiences. best to ya dude!

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