Social Ambiguity: the Soul or the Penis? Loved or Despised?  

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10/6/2005 2:58 pm

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Social Ambiguity: the Soul or the Penis? Loved or Despised?

My demeanor is flirtatious and friendly. None the less the female sex consistently and unequivocally avoids me. Nothing equates to the pain and suffering of being avoiding by the female gender. The title of this blog, "Social ambiguity: the Soul or the Penis? Loved or Despised" is dedicated to my ambiguous social position. On one hand my positive qualities are apparent: attractive, kind, charming, intelligent. On the other hand I possess "turn off" qualities. The inquisitive reader may ask, "what is the nature of these turn off qualities and are they at odds with your positive qualities?" Such an inquisition is by no doubt valid. If I am as wonderful as my fellow humans posit me to be why am I avoided, censored, and dumped by females at large? I lack the wisdom and intelligence to resolve the problem. I know only what is in my soul and in my loins (pardon my crudeness.) My soul desires a loving, intelligent, and attractive female whom may be treated by me as royalty. My loins desires something similar to my heart, yet with the added appetite of making a girl cum frequently. Kindness and deviancy are an interesting combination. Is the synthesis of kindness and deviancy (at least the latter) the source of avoidance by the female gender? I do not know the answer to such embarassing and depressing questions. I feel, to borrow from Plato, as a cave dweller, chained and forced [via shackles] to stare at shadows on the cave wall; never fully realizing their nature. Slight discrepancy from Plato: I experience the added misfortunte of hearing the enchanting voice and smelling the intoxicating fragrance of females. Due to my imprisonment [via own natural flaws] I am unable to come into embrace with the object of my desire; femininity.

I am currently reading Aristotle's "The Politics." I find the text informative and insightful yet critically I perceive its fallacious quality and contradictions. I find school to be distasteful. I have grown bored after seventeen years of employing academia's services.

In each moment of time I strive for originality. Excuse my two moments of attributed theft... to steal from Woody Allen: "always strive for originality... but if you have to steal, steal from the best." Conforming to Woody Allen's suggestion here is my second moment of stealing on the subject of women, "Woman begins by resisting a man's advances and ends by blocking his retreat."
-Oscar Wilde

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