"left" my "wife" today  

EroticStoggie22 33M
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9/12/2005 10:38 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

"left" my "wife" today

Laying at bed at 1 in the morning I realized something fundamental about my relationship with my ex. I am not happy being her "friend," "roommate," etc. I received absolutely no support from her (emotionally as friends, etc, financially.) She said was my friend but didn't want to talk with me, offer advice, typical "Friend stuff." In other words she didn't to give she merely wanted to take (in other words she wanted to have me pay all the bills and let her do whatever the fuck she wanted to without owing me anything in return.) I felt, the whole time, used and worthless (other than for monetary reasons.) I started hating her... I hated how criticized me and talked shit about me behind my back yet also expected me to provide for her financially... i got sick and tired of her being the one that is angry (even though I was pretty nice to through out our relationship) with me and not the other way around.... I started treating her like shit (interesting that i had to start after the relationship ended; meaning i didn't treat her as such during) I told her some fucked up shit via text msg when she was with her bf... i know childish... immature... but vindicative and vengeful none the less.. I was trying to get her back for the years of verbal abuse i had suffered... the extensive (I would say equivalent of two people) work load, the lack of overt appreciation (complements, etc)... i wanted her to suffer like she had made me suffer... i started talking about how i hope she gets aids from whoring around and how "congrats on opening ur legs again before u know it u'll have another source of income" Fucked up shit like that.. wasn't nice... but i wanted to hurt her... more than anything (since I have never done that stuff to anybody) i wanted her to actually be concerned for me (that she actually cared that i was having difficulty) and she didn't care (or so it seemed.) We quarraled... her bf left (poor guy; even though she ll suck him into taking my place as the financial provider) and we hell of argued... it basically came to the point that i was like (and if memory serves correctly she was in line with my thought) I am getting the fuck out of here... she called my parents and told him i was acting weird and flipped out (which is true; she left out the part about her boyfriend being over which is funny since both of our parents know about the dating thing.) so i talked to my dad who was exhaused (6am) I came over and talked with them and they are going to let me stay here... at least until i can afford a place of my own (which will hopefully be soon because i don't want to be a burden to my parents) I hope Janice is happy with her new life... i am relieved because i no longer feel like a nuisance and i am not obligated to her... she tried to feed me some bullshit how i can go to jail (because she is a dependent) if i moved out and didn't pay her rent... i just laughed at her and told her so was full of shit i told her rent is a civil contract and if the person does not pay rent they are evicted and either sent to collections or claims court... i m not a fucking moron in regards to politics/law i am a political science major... i think she was trying to con me into paying for her since she is afraid of not being able to take care of it... my plan is to not tell her anything until like a day or two before rent is due... if she can get the money then i won't do shit... if she can't then i will pay for it (even though i really don't want to)... i love janice very much and i think she is a wonderful person we were just not meant for each other and i know any sort of relationship would be extremely perverse... luckily i have chatted with a lot of cool people on here so i am not worried about being without someone to converse with...

cuteonebbw209 37F
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9/16/2005 10:32 pm

you should talk to my ex husband he happens to say the same about me. except the whole financial part, i never asked him for anything

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