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4/24/2005 12:13 am

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erotic philosophy and other meanderings...

It's funny how sex is only as complicated as you've been told it is. It's the biggest little secret we keep deep inside outselves... I remember hearing somewhere that we are really willing to do 4 things (sexual behaviours) past what we are willing to admit. Makes you think... what are those four things? And why not fess up to them? Fear is the most common answer. Being labeled a deviant isn't a great way to start the day... and so many people allow fear to complicate and frustrate their desires.

I knew a girl once who let fear completely control her sexuality... she was never abused or hurt in any way. She just let everything her parents and religion told her control her sexual identity. The only way she could experience anything sexual was to get drunk... them she would become extremely sexual and aggressive. But then in the morning... well, drama.

I'm guilty of very similar things in my past... the worst letting others (family and religion) tell me how to be sensual, and then letting the media (damn you mtv!) influence how I was sexual for years. It was only a year ago that I began to awaken and explore my own concepts and definitions of what it meant to be a 'sexual being.' My conclusion so far: Sensuality must be awakened from within, like an enlightenment of the libido. You allow it to grow and define itself.

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