Thank you for being a friend  

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3/28/2006 9:18 pm

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Thank you for being a friend

Really, I only traveled around a couple corners to meet my first friend. He wasn't really my type, but he was ruggedly attractive, chivalrous, well-versed in current events and had a good head on his shoulders. And he made me laugh. Thus, the cornrows and big clothes grew on me. (I'm partial to the clean cut, suited up variety.) Actually, I got to the point where I liked reaching back and grabbing his braided head in the middle of every downstroke.

He saw fit to "date" me before getting down to business. It was my first time on the site, so that was cool. It actually made the first time kinda hot after getting to know him over a few drinks, meals and days at the beach and Barnes and Noble for about a month. Actually, the last time was off the chain.

That night, I got to feel his thick dick in my mouth. He's a cool dude, so all he said about it was, "You kinda good at that." It had been a while, so I was tight and wet for him. So, of course, my mouth was watering like crazy to taste him. Perhaps I'd decided when he'd called to come over that I was gonna suck him off if that was the only thing I did. I wanted to see how much of him I could get into my mouth. I thought we would break my new loveseat with the way he hit it from behind. And yes, I also thought he would break my back. (That was gonna be a hell of thing to explain to my chiropractor. He didn't ask, and I didn't tell. Still, his knowing glance said it all.) At one point, I just knew we were going through the window with the way he was fucking me. I don't think it had ever been that intense between us.

Doggie-style is how we did it most often. I think he was afraid he would crush me. That and he liked my ass. (Before we'd have sex, he just rub his big hands over my hips. Everytime he saw me in public, he'd make sure to smack my ass one good time.) He's a big guy, former football player; big enough that I could throw my pussy back up on him without knocking him across the room. Cool as ever, all he'd say when I'd do that and when I'd get close to coming was, "Yeah." Granted, it came out, "Yayhh." Either way, it was sexy as hell.

I loved that he could and would make me scream. He was rather masterful with his fingers, and many a night he'd have me in his bed watching flicks while rubbing my clit. With a little more time and him sliding fingers into places, I'd might've let him get at my ass. He'd already used my purple vibrator on me. Who knows what I would've let him do had things continued.

I think our schedules began to conflict, which limited our conversations at first then just shut them down altogether. Either way, if he ever checks me out, to him: Remember me screaming your name and coming multiple times on your dick before begging you to come and then asking for a break.

Thank you, Big Sexy, for being a friend.


Efilnikufesin69 47M

3/29/2006 12:45 am

Sounds like a fantastic freind indeed! Welcome to Blogland ECG7!

Modern Day Gentleman

rm_tomfromdc2 58M

4/9/2006 3:57 pm

Whatever happened to you, I wonder. You never returned my voicemail or email.

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