Big Sexy is Back  

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8/16/2006 2:24 pm

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Big Sexy is Back

So my dear friend, Big Sexy, returned with a dick-swinging vengeance. It seems the terrain of our endeavors has changed. Whereas a king-sized bed in front of a blaring flick was the scene of our crimes (a finger in my ass is still illegal in some states), we've graduated to a red couch, a smaller bed and occasionally the stairs. I guess we've even gotten more illegal, but I'll get to that.

(As an aside, Nothing makes my mouth water more now like running my tongue across the head of his dick and down across his big ass balls. I love the way they kiss my clit when he's hittin' it hard from behind ... I digress from my tale. My pussy is already throbbing, but I need both hands right about now.)

From my last post, Big Sexy and I had taken a bit of a hiatus. In that time, I made the mistake of attempting to make it honest by actually dating the same person I was fucking. It wasn't a good combination, and before long, I was single again, craving the rightful owner of the Pipelayer title. Turns out, his work hours had changed, and he was no longer available at odd hours of the night. Resourceful sex-driven intellectuals that we were, we began what I deemed The Afternoon Delight series. That's where he'd bury himself between my legs a few minutes "after noon" for the next two hours.

I'm dripping so much for him right now that many of our episodes run together in my mind. I do vividly remember bouncing my ass on that hard dick while bent over in front of the couch, touching the floor. He has a thing for watching my derriere, so he held it, pushing me to keep coming on him.

He keeps me coming so much that he wears me out. As soon I say I can't come anymore, it's like he gets more aroused asking whether I'm sure. Then, he starts stroking with an even harder dick and talking dirty to me, driving me crazy and into another one. Ah, but I remember him breaking his cool demeanor coming by surprise as I leaned across a couple stairs.

That day, he was at a perfect tap-that-shit-hard angle. I threw my pussy back on him with as much force as I had; rug burn be damned. I love that he's a big guy, strong enough that I can throw my whole body against him and he won't buckle. You could hear his body slapping across my ass, and then you heard Cool Dick Luke get hot. He made that indescribable but recognizable noise every woman wants to hear when her pussy sucks the life out a big dick. That's the only time I've made him bust one like that.

But payback would come in a future episode. That's the one my jealous pussy recalls because that slick sexy pole of a man seamlessly and painlessly got his big dick up my ass. From that, Big Sexy got a promotion from Pipelayer to Cocksman.

We always keep lube nearby. (He pays attention to stuff like that, so despite how hard we go at it, I don't get the dreaded chaffed hips and thighs. Gentlemen, take note. Discomfort from raw skin on the lower hips linger well beyond the memory of what would've been wonderful sex.) He pulled out the lube toward the end of the escapade. I was already flat on my stomach, exhausted from who knows how many orgasms at that point.

Excellent amateur masseur that he is, he rubbed my hips and across my clit -- likely not sure I was done coming. He went for my ass but casually. I said something about not feeling anal, considering I hadn't done it successfully in years. Just as casually, he said something to the effect of, "No problem." I enjoy his touch, so I didn't move during our anal sex conversation.

As we talked, he was still rubbing me, keeping me aroused, and he started in on my pussy, fucking me with my vibrator. As he talked to me about how it felt, he started with a finger. It's amazing that he's that gentle no matter what we're doing. Again, I didn't tense up with his hands massaging my ass. Actually, I started backing up on it. I thought I felt the head of his dick, but knowing he wouldn't hurt me, I just continued rolling my pussy over my vibrator and back onto whatever was pressing between my hips. By then, I was in my own world. It's a good thing we're friends and know each other well. I can't imagine being so wide open with just anybody, whining and moaning about how good it all felt. I'll admit it, I was moaning like a bitch.

I came so hard, I pushed the vibrator out of my pussy, dripping wet, but enjoying the feeling of him literally tapping my ass. It was like a well-executed heist: in, out and good. Very good.

That's part of the reason why the next time, I initiated things -- sucking the hell out of his dick on my knees. I could've sucked him until I got a mouthful. (But a dick on my tongue arouses me; I'd probably need more than a couple of hours after that.)

Yes, Big Sexy is back, making for yet another interesting summer in Erotic City. As for tonight, I've got a pussy to play with.


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