Case of the Mondays???  

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5/15/2006 8:54 pm

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5/17/2006 11:26 am

Case of the Mondays???

What is it about Mondays? Just once in my life I would like for nothing bad to happen on a monday. Well today was a monday. I recently entered into the "Dating Scene" once again and I thought I had found someone special again. We had a wonderful weekend together but today she talked to a mutual friend of ours and now she is having second thoughts. Thus far I have made no mistakes. I've been a great listener, affectionate, sensetive and kind hearted. Which is a complete contridiction of the person I used to be. In all of my previous relationships I was the typical Italian man. I kept any woman I was with under my thumb to the point that I would squeeze out of them any hope for a loving relationship. I was possesive, jealous, and insensetive. It seemed that no matter how loudly they cried out that all they wanted was to love me and for me to love them the same way, I never heard it. That is until I learned what it is like to feel that way myself. It was not until I had to suffer through what I had done that I truly understood what it REALLY is to love someone. Naturally by the time I had learned and understood it was too late for that relationship. So I vowed that I would never make those mistakes again. And I haven't. But now it is not me and I have no control over what is happening in my current relationship and this feeling of loss is getting old. Why does someone always have to get in the way? Why can't everyone just be happy for two people who care about eachother? This is the main reason that I don't have friends. Any male friend I've had in the past always wants to steal what I have. And any female friends I've had just try to tear up my relationships. I don't understand why it always has to be this way. I've even had major break throughs with being completely honest and voicing my feelings. Which I've heard should be a given in any relationship but it seems that only one person has to be open and honest and the other can just hide behind the ever popular "I don't know". Naturally I've already run through all of the scenerios and what if's. Maybe I pushed too hard or maybe I told her too much about my feelings. Maybe I just plain scared her off. But I didn't think that was happening because when we spent time together it was magic for both of us. And she was the one who started everything so I really thought we felt the same way and we were on the same path going in the same direction. Of course if I look at it the other side of the coin how strong could her feelings have been if all it took was one phone call from a so called friend to give her second thoughts? I don't think that her feelings were nearly as powerful as she said they were. And once again Why does it have to happen on a monday after such a great weekend? (Fuckin Mondays)

JellyBean0981 51F

5/16/2006 12:17 pm

Oh Doll, first off you need to be a little less reactionary. Don't react to everything you hear from someone else. Try not to feel like you have to respond to everything or to defend yourself every time. You know you are a good guy, what you want and how you feel about this girl. The road is long and trying to be proactive in the face of a half truth is a waste of your time and mental energy. I would suggest that you keep doing what you have been doing, being genuine and kind. If she wants to talk to you about a rumor she has heard then fine, explain yourself. Other than that, just keep on as if you two are the only people in the world. And please understand that a woman's brain chemistry changes every day of the month. Although her perception is HER reality, her perception changes from day to day and week to week. Just be happy, focus on all the good, let her know that everything is going to be fine and NEVER get drawn into some petty person's bitter, divisive argument. You are above that and don't allow yourself to get dragged down into that drama. And never criticize a woman's gal pal, even if she is a really bad person. Don't go there. Rise above all of the bull shit and have faith in the long term. Everything will look different to you on Friday.

EroticAction365 38M

5/16/2006 4:15 pm

Thank you...

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