the hunt continues...........  

Eros40 53F
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4/27/2006 11:50 am

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5/10/2006 8:39 pm

the hunt continues...........

well, it's been quite the interesting week thus far. I've even had the "I've been stood up" cherry popped.....not one I'm at all thrilled with, but hey, had to happen sometime! Yep- was to meet on Tuesday, and although this guy is a college graduate, not the sharpest marble. About the time we would have been sitting down to dinner, instead of using the phone number provided for him, he emails! Now, if I'm to be meeting you for a dinner, do you really think I'd 1) have a computer with me, 2) be ON it at that time? Duh?! Oh well...... to the curb, Alice! Other than that, have been chatting with a couple that do have my interest....and have been contacted by one via my blog..... looking forward to that..(wink-wink!) So, what is it with the IM on this site? Do most men forget they had manners at one time? Did they HAVE manners at one time?? I'm to the point of staying off of it just because of these BS opening lines..... 'Hey, I like to fuck too, so how bout we chat it up"..... what is this??!!! Sorry, but I'd strongly suggest a bit more creativity/sincerity than that. My fantasy? for the men to learn how to have an intellectual (spell that without looking!) conversation! GEEZ!!!! Maybe I'm just being bitchy and demanding..... but then again, I CAN!! Granted, I am looking for a "boy toy" (not necessarily focused on the age associated with that, btw!), but hey, lets show a little bit of class/respect, here! Want to hear a one liner that I recently heard? This was at the last large shoot I completed last month..... picture this, if you will..... a reasonably well built young man , in his birthday suit,(just turned 21, btw) that has been exceptionally challenging for the models (female) to be working with.... to be blunt, he'd been a real prick most of the night. As he thinks he's being coy and cool making a particularly disastrous play for one of the models... she had had enough of him, stops, blatantly, looks him top to bottom, then says, " Big words for someone built like a 12 year old" and walks away. Yes, all in attendance to this shoot heard the words of love she bestowed upon him! I do love my job! So, the hunting continues, at least at this point. I must admit, I'd make a great vampyre..... I LOVE the hunt, love to bite/be bitten (yes, teeth marks means I had a real good time! hee-hee!) and I'm pretty much a night owl when not confined to a day job. Best you will ever hear me say is "reasonably stable"....never said I was "normal"...hee-hee! Okay, have to run for now, but hope all have a wonderful weekend and for those on the safe............E.

rm_alwyshorny1 48M

4/28/2006 7:10 am

I wont stand you up. Unfortunately I am unable to email you thru this system. Not sure why my profile doesnt allow it. ??
If intellect and good looks are something that you are looking for then write me.
Worst case scenario we become friends. Wouldn't be so bad now would it??

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4/27/2006 11:09 pm

Yes Eros40, there are alot of bullshitters out there, sorry you got stood up. Great story. Too bad there are so many illiterate and mannerless idiots out there. Still love those eyes and of course who wouldnt want to spend some time with you, wanta fuck----whoops! Just kidding have a great weekend!

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