the "loser line" is gaining company.......  

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8/24/2006 8:45 am

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the "loser line" is gaining company.......

This must just be my week for bottom of the barrel types...... I think just the fact I'm breathing has pissed them off for what ever reason. Okay, so got yet another one that I would like to share with today's class: This lovely piece of mail comes from LONESOMEROY1956 I rec'd this from him yesterday:

"I think if you'd have been this picky in chosing a husband, you probably wouldn't need a perfect friend with benefits. Tolerance is obviously not your strong suit, and talking down to peope will influence few, and impress even less. Have a good day!!" Now, my repsonse to ol' LONESOMEROY1956 was the following:
"Do you feel better? At least now I perfectly understand why you are lonesome! Backatcha!"

What makes this one so interesting is: 1) I have NO CLUE as to whom this person is...this is the first email I've rec'd from him, so it's not like I've been nasty towards him and this is retaliation from a past placement on the curb. (unless he changed his sign on name???) 2) He's divorced....gee, imagine that, eh? Such a lovely piece of work.... 3) What I don't get is if you don't like my profile....why are they responding??? What happened to "move on"? Again, I must be missing something here.....?? I've read lots (and I'm sure all of us have!) profiles that do not agree with us in one shape or fashion..... SO!!!!? I can't speak for everyone, but I just move on down the road. I keep in mind opinions are like certain portions of our anatomy..... (aka: just cuz you have one doesn't mean you have to BE one!!-- unless grossly provoked, of course!! hee-hee!) Each of us on this site is looking for "something"....that "something" is very individualized..... may agree with some, not others. And this is an issue because........????? So, another one for placement in the "loser line" at the curb. so, anyone else getting this sort of grief? Feel free to check in...........hope everyone has a good day......................E.

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