just enjoying...  

Eros40 52F
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5/25/2006 9:03 am
just enjoying...

Well, the weather is heating up and I am in HEAVEN!! I love it hot! (feel free to run with that, btw!) So, met with watcher148 yesterday....had a great time, yacked it up for 4 hours before I had to drag myself away....I think we could have yacked another couple...my impression, anyway! GREAT guy! sexy, funny, handsome (his pics do NOT do him justice btw....we'll work on that! snicker!) Intelligent, a perfect gentleman...and GREAT lips!! yes, he got the kiss-n-hug at the end of the meeting....we know what that means! As I mentioned before, I do enjoy kissing....a LOT! It's a major turn on for me. I do enjoy a partner that can kiss. (actually sent one to the curb that couldn't kiss..... if they can't offer up a decent kiss..... need I go further there?!?) Call me "demanding", or call me "picky"...... YES! And, I can be! (..."why settle when you can "select"!! had to do that!!) Anyway, back to watcher.....Not sure where it will go from here, but definitely interested in pursuing.....and again, it just goes back to why I adore my older men!! (he does NOT look his age, btw...I'd say he looks 8-10 yrs. younger.) So, ladies.... for what it's worth, he's one I'd recommend! Today has started off on a terrific note.... I think it's purely weather related. stopped off at the store this a.m. on my way into work and even bought myself flowers...... floored a security guard at the gate as I gave him one at the check point....just because, and wished him a nice day. Hey, pass it on! I always hear that smiles are contageous.....today, I'd have to agree with that. So, I do hope everyone enjoys the holiday weekend..... get out and LIVE it up! (safely, of course....and DON'T DRINK AND DRIVE!!!) just a friendly psa, there..... take care and will chat again, soon.............E.

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