back to reality.......  

Eros40 52F
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6/18/2006 8:26 pm
back to reality.......

well, had a great time at world's of fun. Screamed my fool head off on the rides and really let all the pent up aggression/frustration fly! Did the drive to Omaha immediately following....arrived with a migraine from hell. got checked in, and passed out. On thursday a.m., made it to my first fire the middle of the presentation, they get a call....all the while, they had their lunch on the, they go on the call, and I finish cooking their lunch. Good thing I know my way around a kitchen and am not afraid to utilize that knowledge! so, I racked up brownie points as they arrived back from the call just as their lunch was coming off the stove! To top all of this off, all the screaming I did on the rides the day before? I was paying for it!! Was losing my voice starting on the first day! Oh well..... so, in general, trip went well, yes landed a couple firemen.... have to work on a particular captain, though.... older (you KNOW I'm a sucker for older men!!), athletic build, and very, we shall see on that one....... Also made it to the zoo earlier on Friday a.m. What I didn't know until too late was the Rosenblatt stadium and zoo parking lots are across the street from each other.... did I mention the College World Series was going on at the same time?? oops! I can't complain too much as they really did have their act together when it came to traffic control...wasn't bad at all. So, returned home at 5:30a.m., managed to grab a nap, then go pick up the dogs from kennel. Talk about crazed puppies (yeah.... PUPPIES..... one is 130 lbs of lap puppy!!) while in Omaha, I learned I lost my printer..... tried to raise the price per piece by about 150%.... needless to say, that didn't go over well with me! So, I'm looking for a new one. It's always something, eh? (yes, had the bids in writing, I just don't have the time to pursue it legally....on top of it, he'd probably fuck up my print job anyway....) So, tomorrow I must face reality again....bummer. with luck, it will go better than the past couple of weeks have gone!! Hope all have a pleasant week and will chat soon..........E.

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