I do enjoy my older men......  

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5/11/2006 8:19 am

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I do enjoy my older men......

As you may have read in a previous post, had a date set up for this week and was highly optimistic...... oh, and he did NOT let me down!!!!! (all aspects of that term, by the way!!) He is 15 yrs. my senior, and a prime example of why I do adore older men in my sex life! First and foremost..... patience. Not in any hurry to "dive in".... secondly....control!! And LOTS of it..... something I truly believe only comes with wisdom, experience and yes, age. Along with that is the easy sense of going with the flow....yes, for a first time, it had its moments of "comedy of errors", but I'll save that one for myself! (yes, I am smiling!) With a younger man, I believe they would have been horrified/ embarrassed, etc. With an older man, we were able to find the comedy in it, and enjoy a good laugh. For what ever reason, I seem to enjoy more of a connection with older men. (for those new to my blog, I usually prefer my men at least 10 years older....am willing to look at someone younger than that with the right person....just haven't found one as of this writing.) That connection, it be intelletual, professional, whatever..... it a very important part of my sex life and my enjoyment. I do not mean the "love" and all of that.... I am referring to my partner being comfy enough with me to just state what they want. Ask! I don't read minds, and they don't expect me to. Same goes for me... I can make a request and I know they will listen, and not just go about their biz because it's what they "think" I may want/ like, etc. Trust me, I'm not shy, I'll speak up!! I want my partner to be the same. I have been able to get that with the older men, but not the younger ones. Hmmmmmmm...... The younger ones appear to suffer from 'lock jaw' and afraid to say anything, suggest anything, request anything...... the whole point is to ENJOY, not tolerate!! Maybe they are just thankful they are getting laid?? (bad, I know!) So, there we have it for now...... ladies, all I can say is do NOT discount the man because of a "number" or snow on the rooftop....... that fire burns very bright in the fireplace!............have a pleasant weekend.........E.

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5/13/2006 12:40 pm

I must admit being in My mid 20's even I prefer a bit more maturity than is typically offered by those "boys" in My age range...however i was recently surprised to have the pleasure of playing with a man only 1 year older who actually had a clue! he was gentle yet aggressive at all the right moments and yes there is plenty to be said about CONTROL!! YIPPEE!! he was not afraid to speak what was on his mind (and yes he realy does have one!) nor to surprise me with new ideas that I had not thught of...this was well worth the wait in itself! usually this is a trait I find only in men several years my senior so imagine my surprise!
It is true that older men do tend to have more mental stimulation to offer and correct me if I am wrong ladies but I will take a mental orgasm over a 10 second physical one ANY day I am all about stimulate not just my body but my mind and do not assume due to my age that I do not have a clue lol being rasied how I was TRUST me I was never left to feel asthough sex was dirty or something we do not discuss so as an adult (even a young one) i am now very sure of who I am and what I want in and out of the bedroom I want brains and personailty because yes that is what truly makes a person sexy!

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5/12/2006 9:17 am

....thank you for sharing.......E.

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5/12/2006 6:59 am

Good luck to you.
What I see are cold mean eyes. chopper4119

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