...can you say, "BUSTED!!"........  

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6/1/2006 7:49 am

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6/30/2006 9:42 am

...can you say, "BUSTED!!"........

Oh and a memorable night was had by all!!! Right down to the janitorial crew!! Met with watcher148 at his office. Chatted there for a bit before heading out to dinner. Once dinner was complete, went to a local lounge....he had been jacking with my "hot buttons" most of the eve!! To say the motor was running is an understatement!! So, my brilliant idea: Lets go make out in your office! Sounded like a plan. And a good one it seemed at the time! So, zooming back to his office, we waste no time getting things started. We are enjoying ourselves quite nicely on the floor of his office..... hey, did I hear something? YES, I DID!!! It's the motion detector at the front door! (we are about 20 feet away from the front door!!) Keep in mind, he is without his shirt, his pants are sort of on.....we won't even get into what I was wearing....or not! He goes racing for the door trying to figure out who the hell is coming in..... a buddy of his (who has been flipping him grief over his "date"), a biz partner? No, it's the janitorial crew....running about 4 hours late!!! SHIT!!! (Yes, I can say, attorneys DO blush.....quite nicely I might add!!) So, in the mad scramble for clothing....I grabbed his shirt....oops! He turns his office lights ON (did I mention he's on the ground floor, and one wall....mostly WINDOWS faces a busy street??) Dilemma: I can either 1) go for my clothes. 2) Hit the lights which are to my far left on one wall or 3) go for the shades on the windows which are on the opposite wall...... clothing won. Lord knows whom I've just flashed. Meanwhile, he's out "greeting" the janitorial crew, chatting it up like nothing funny going on here (did I mention I had his shirt??? Clue here "nothing" is going on....and damned if they didn't interrupt it!!) So, he returns to his office and "nothing funny going on".....to find his shirt! He did manage to get his pants buttoned back up somewhere in there...not sure when that happened because I sure as hell didn't do it! So, moment is now OVER..... the janitorial crew has had their good giggle for the night. We are now (dressed- finally!) in his office laughing our asses off! Good thing we have a sense of humor....I could see that getting real ugly, real quick!! The bet ($1.00 btw!) is that the ENTIRE office will know within the week that "nothing funny was going on" in his office wednesday night! Sad part? Janitorial crew ONLY comes in on Wednesday. First time he has ever had "nothing funny going on" in his office, and guess who gets busted by none other than the janitorial crew!?? I'm looking forward to doing it again.................... E.

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6/2/2006 7:40 am

Eros as if I should be surprised by this....nah known you tooo long glad to hear he found his umm happy place? and apparently found a few of yours in th process!

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