....laughter is always the best medicine!  

Eros40 52F
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7/5/2006 9:37 am
....laughter is always the best medicine!

so, as most of you have read in the previous post from yesterday, I was just a weeeeeeeeeee bit stressed and cranky. Today has gone MUCH better!! For starts, printer has pictures that I emailed yesterday, they are good, and the proof is on it's way to me! Major bonus for that one. Also, just after I posted yesterday, I rec'd an email from watcher148 that had me laughing so hard I cried!! Appears the 4th of july was not kind to him as his son was attemtping to blow up the riding lawn mower. I'm guessing his son missed as I didn't get anything re: local fire department response time! But, it just goes to show that when shit is really hitting the fan, a good laugh sure doesn't hurt matters at all!! I'm optimistic I was able to return the favor as I gave quite the description of what I was picturing his face to be as he realized just where that projectile was heading!!! That alone is worth a good laugh! To add to that, my hubby was making some pretty extreme/ comical commentary about blowing up the lawnmower and being "redneck" so, that just added to the humor!! ..So, in general, things are looking so much better today! I had responded to a couple posts yesterday, and I think they came across as just "bitchy".... for that I do appologize. For future, I've leaned to just keep my keyboard to myself when I'm stressed and/or flat cranky. It does not come across well at all! All I know to say is that life is a learning curve.....I'm still working on those lessons....... I do hope all had a terrific 4th of july...........E.

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