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8/26/2005 5:58 pm

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The Marine

August 25th

This was an interesting day like all of my days are around here…. I spent most the day just bullshitting with people …I love to IM people all day long no matter what…most of my play toys talk to me this way…Well, let’s see who is mad at me today…Oh, my hubby because I am not going to stay home and be bored off my ass watching him play on the computer…My old play toy is going to hate me soon because I think I need to play mean but I promised that I wouldn’t…SHIT that is a good question for another blog…. I think I will put one up and have everyone give me his or her advice. HEHE…. I am in bitch mood…it is like so nice…. Well, this isn’t that shit that you really want to read about…you read this to see who I am fucking and planning to fuck again or adding new to my play toy list…Okay here we go once again.
No play toys during the day today which was kind of boring over all but when you don’t really wake up until late then it is hard to find someone to play with you. Around 9pm, my girl and I went out to the strip club because hell we like to look at tits and ass just as much if not more than the guys, and we went to meet some friends of mine who are going to other duty stations plus a new toy was meeting me there for me to review him.
I got out to the strip club and hung out with the boys for a while and I even met the new toy who is not bad looking but we will have to see how he fucks before making a final decision on what I am going to do with him. As I was making my rounds and talking to all of my friends, I ran across a guy by the name of Bobby who is a little pissed at me now because he seems to want to hook up with me but he is engaged and really confused about what he wants since he is going to Iraq soon plus I told him last night that I was going to fuck a Marine which messed with his head since I told him that the Army can’t fuck worth a damn. Now we all know that was a lie but it sure hit home to him so he will be coming around very coon to my way of thinking…HEHE…that was not fair but no big deal. Once I left he Strip Club, I had to take my girl to the house and drop her off then I had to take a buddy of mine Jack to get his car…He was hitting on me the whole way to get his car and take my word he has a kick ass body but shit I already had standing plans for the night with my fine ass Marine. I dropped Jack off, and he said he would see me on Wednesday night out at the club…so we will have an update on him on Wednesday night. HEHE
Now to the Marine, SEMPER FI, who blows my mind every time. Well, like normal I was running last to see him, which is not a big problem since he was up and watching TV waiting for me. I walk in the door and head to the bathroom since you must be nice and clean for sex with him. When I walk out I start to strip, I take off my top and pants…I need help with my bra because it is a long line bra and I also have on red lace thongs which doesn’t even cover everything. I sit down on the bed behind him and start to rub his shoulders, neck, arms, and chest. He starts to rub my legs as we both make erotic noises because it feels so good. We do this for a while until I lay flat on my stomach for him to remove my bra, which he does then I get behind him again and he says that it feels better with flesh against flesh which is understandable. As we continued to rub each other, he started moving closer and closer to my sweet spot until he was fingering me with such skill that I forgot a man could really turn me on that much by just using his fingers. There were several times that he almost made me cum, but I stopped him every time because I wanted to get off on his hard cock not his fingers. Slowly I move out from behind him and lay him flat and start to kiss him from head to toe. Finally I stop and just kiss and lick his balls all over and start to lick and suck on his semi-erect cock. It was beautiful as it came to life in my mouth. He never can get off this way but I get to play with him, which is the most fun of all. I lay back after a while and once again with the skill of an artist he had me bucking against his tongue. My lord what a great tongue, I was in heaven once again. (Not sure what the Marine’s are teaching our boys but please share it with the rest of the world because I have only had Marine’s do me that way.) As he was eating me out, he got hard and stop to ram his hard cock into me. It was the best feeling ever and we started to rock in a rhythm that was driving me wild once again. I got so into the moment that I kissed him so hard that I suck him tongue a little too hard, and my poor Marine does not like pain during sex. So that little mistake stopped a great session of fucking. He wasn’t mad but he said he needed the pain to go away before he could continue and since it was very late I told him we would pick up later when he calls me this weekend. I am waiting for him to call me now, which is really exciting since he says he is not going to masturbate or anything until he gets to cum with me. I can’t wait for it to happen.

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