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Teaching .......

August 30th

I had a great time training the 18 year old again. Have you ever told someone how to do something to someone else and they turned it around on you??? Well that was the lesson this time.
I went over the to see the 18 year old, and he told me that has a girlfriend now. I said, “OK, do I need to leave now???” and he said, “No, that I needed to be there to teach him how to have sex with his girlfriend who is a virgin since they are going on a four day camping trip over the holiday.” So I stayed and started my lesson.
First, I told him how to best make things for her since it will be here first time. I told him first that he needs to make sure that the sleeping bags where laid down double so it will be comfortable. And to tell her that once you are kissing her while laying beside her that you will go no further than she wants you to go. You must reassure her that she is more important than sex will ever be. That you need to concentrate on her face, neck, shoulders, and mouth more than anything while holding her without playing with her breasts or her pussy. You need to make her come alive with kissing and tenderly showing her how much care for her. Once she is to the point that she is begging for you to touch her you slow move down to her waist and slowly take off her shirt while kissing up her body bad to her throat. Spend tons of time kissing the top of her breasts that are exposed and taking the time to slowly rub her back as you as kissing her so she feels so absorbed in what is going on. Then slowly undo her with you back facing you, this way you can kiss her shoulders while cupping her breasts gentle in your hands. DO NOT FONDLE THEM YET. You are to kiss her back were her bra was and slowly turn her around so you can see her breasts and tell her how beautiful she is. Once she relaxes again because you are seeing for the first time without her shirt, then you slowly kiss and fondle her breasts and delicately you suck her nipples till they are erect. Once you have gotten this far, you need to reaffirm that she wants to go any further. I she said, “YES,” then you continue down and slowly pull off her pants while kisses her thighs and legs. DO NOT PAY ATTENTIION TO HER PUSSY YET. You want her to think it is more about her than sex, which everyone knows is a big fat lie. Once her pants are off, roll her over and rub her whole backside while gentle dropping kisses all over her body. This is bringing her to a boiling point of her wanting you to touch her. Once she is there, slowly move her panties to the side and slide a finger in so that she starts to moan and wants you so bad. Even though she is to this point, you need to move down and lick her clit and thrust your tongue in and out of her wet pussy. Enjoying the taste of her so much that you make her feel so special. Once she is to the point that she is moaning and starting to move against your hand, it is time to slowly and I mean slowly enter her. You are to take your time and let her adjust to you since it will be her first time ever having sex. You want it to hurt as little as possible and you want to make sure the she gets to orgasm. If for some reason you are about to cum, you need to stop and play with her more until she is about the orgasm. Then you are to enter her, and make sure she orgasm before you do. Once you are done make sure to clean her up and to lie down and cuddle with her. She still needs to feel you kissing and holding her so she knows it was all about her and not the sex. ANOTHER GREAT LIE.
Once I was done telling him this, he flipped the table and used this against me by taking every word I told him and using it on me. Good did I orgasm like I never have in all of my life. He even got a hot wet hand cloth and cleaned me up when we were done. He lay down behind me and held me so tight that he made me feel special.
Before I left I let him know to take a towel to lay under her just in case of blood and to take baby wipes to clean her up with that he should be fine.
Once he is back in town he is going to let me know how it went for him. I can’t wait to find out. He said he still wants to see me again but I am not to sure about that.

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