Sneaking Around....  

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8/23/2005 1:01 am

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Sneaking Around....

August 22nd....

Today didn't start out to great, I was sick as a can be imagined with the weather changing back in forth from hot to cold then cold to hot. Well, I was laid you in bed when I decided to check my Yahoo IM and my e-mail and low and behold I have an e-mail for E-7 saying he needed lunch. I was like oh shit I have to cook...please I don't cook for myself or my hubby so why would I cook for a lover. So I am walking around the house in a t-shirt when he arrives and I give him a look and he says what...I state, "I am not cooking lunch for you to eat." He looks and me and says, "You are what I want to eat for lunch." He laid me down and on the sofa and proceeded to start licking on my clit. I was climbing the walls in no time at all. After about 20 minutes of him stopping and starting and teasing me so hard I came all over his face which he loved. He cleaned up and say me a peck on the check and left while I enjoyed the after glow of my orgasm. Also, for some reason the orgasm made me feel so much better.
The rest of the day was boring bs until night time.
At about 10:30pm, I looked at my hubby and asked for sex. He looked and me and said, "I am too tired and I am going to bed. So you need to find it somewhere else." Well, since he said that I thought why not. I was chatting up a few friends when my yound sex student came on line. He stated that "He needs me." So like any good teacher I get dressed and so to his aid. I walk in the door and the first thing he does is lead me to the bed so we can lay down. (Note: he lives in the barracks with his roomie who can hear anything and everything.) I have on a skirt so he takes my thong off quick, fast, and in a hurry and starts to play with my clit with a expert hand he didn't have a few days ago. As he is playing, he moves down to my pussy and start to eat my pussy...he isn't he best but he has the idea so I do a little bit of guidance it feel fabulous. I am enjoying my self when he comes up and lays on his back and ask me to ride him...As I start to ride him hard, I came with the first 3 minutes so hard that I put my hand over my mouth. I saw in so much pleasure it was driving me crazy so the student grabbed my hips and started to move me since I was frozen to the spot. After a while I started to move and I was like we need to do dog style and he agreed although he had never done it before...for a 1st timer haw sure did pound the hell out of me with long and hard strokes. WOW...blow my mind...Why he was doing that I came once again. After a while, he got on bottom and he was going limp so I went down and started to give him a blow job and he sprang to life and I jumped on top and started riding him for about 10 minutes when he said he wouldn't be able to get off since you just finished masturbating for the third time today. So he knew he wasn't going to cum and he did it all just for me he said. He is learning so fast.
Well, that was my day and evening. I love to have fun all the time.

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