Playing Teacher...hehe  

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Playing Teacher...hehe

August 20th, 2005

OH MY GOD!!!! I forgot how much fun it can be to play teacher to some who has never had sex in his life. Do you remember how much they want to please you in every way while shaking so hard because they really don't know what is happening?

Well...before the story being let me explain my day. First, My husband was home all sex from him like normal. How does he go without having sex so much??? I climb the walls after one minute without it. After taking a nap because I don't fucking sleep at night, I have two different men call me. One is on here, SGTWILDMAN, worth the time when he has free time which is were I am going to be sometime this week. Take my word, I can't wait to mount him once again, and a guy named Steve in the Air Force who is married and more than welling to drive an hour and a half to climb between my him trained already and he hasn't even gotten a taste of me. I love when men fall in line. Well, these two are older and know how to please but as normal they are busy...What is a girl to do at 3 am in the morning with a sex drive that is out of control...well, let me answer that for you...find a 18 year virgin with a hard dick that is willing to please you because he thinks you are beautiful...The ARMY does give me a fresh supply of hard cock all the time...THANK YOU VERY MUCH...
Well, I have been talking to this 18 year old for about a month and not doing anything about it because I keep telling myself that I am not in the mood to train another guy to send them off to war...well, I lost that bet in my mind.
I started by going to a keg party where I was having a ball and trying to get in this 23 year olds pants which was working really well until he drank to much and pasted the fuck out. Disappointing but you have to always have a bad up fuck which like normal I did...I picked up my girl's cellphone and called my new 18 year old virgin who was more than happy to kick his roommate out of his barracks room...hehe..pussy always wins out. Well, I meet him outside and he took my hand and walked me to his room..he was already shaking from head to toe. Once in the room, I gentle told him to undress for me while I watched (this is so mean to do to any man when you are fully clothed). I needed to see what I was working with...well...a nice 7 inch hard cock always puts a smile on my face and let me tell you when it is thick too oh my god...I laid him down on the bed and started to play with his body. HE was just laying back and watching me and I stopped and asked him what he wanted and he said for me to take my clothes off this point...I didn't give a shit...I wanted sex then and there and I didn't care how I got I took off my clothes and popped a condom on his and in movement mounted him. I wasn't going to train him tonight I thought. He is going to cum before I ever get one orgasm out of him. I move a few strokes and his hands fly to my hips like it was the most natural place for them to be. He looks at me says, "I'm about to cum." and I say, "If you cum you will never see this body or feel this pussy again." He stops and looks at me as I stop moving or contracting my pussy muscles so he can calm down. I tell him the best thing to do is to think of something else that will take his mind off of me riding him hard and fast. Well, he says, "OK" as I start to move on his once again. OH MY GOD, did it feel good...I rode him for 30 minutes before we came at the same time. It was great with him learning to play with my breasts and my ass and finding my clit. He is wanting to see me again so he can learn to eat my pussy and I told him that I can do that some time soon. He said he wants to learn to please me in every way possible before he has to leave for Iraq. I wonder if I am going to be teaching him much longer before he just takes over and starts to teach himself by using my body...we will see who has the most fun. ME or HIM either way I am the winner.

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