Fun with the Midnight Marine.....  

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8/25/2005 10:24 am

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Fun with the Midnight Marine.....

August 24th

Hello, Everyone I am back in the saddle once again. I am feeling better and getting my own like normal. To follow are the events of my life on August 24th....Enjoy.
Well, Yesterday started out kind of bad, my husband was sick, and he stayed home from work so I couldn't do much at all. I was thinking that I wasn't going to have sex at all. Then around 6pm, my husband started feeling better. I was laying down at the time trying to get a nap before I went out for the night when my husband came in and started rubbing up on me saying he wanted something. I was like what do you want. He started kissing my whole body from head to toe. He was driving me crazy as hell. He stopped at my sweet spot and started kissing, licking, and nibbling on my clit like it was candy for him. I was orgasming as he was stopping to thrust forward into me. He start fucking me harder and deeper than ever before which drives me to climax but he stopped just short and rolled me on top of him. I sat up and started riding him like crazy with him grabbing my hips and helping me do longer and harder strokes on top of him. As he dropped his hands, I fell forward with an intense orgasm. When he felt me orgasm, he came so hard. The whole time we where having sex one of girlfriends kept calling, and when I called back she asked what I was doing and I told her…hehe…don’t ask if you don’t want to know is my rule of thumb now.
Once sex with hubby was over, I got up and started to get dressed. I went out with girls to Ladies Night to get drunk like normal. Not much happened there other than the guy know as Sgtwildman on here now has a girlfriend which is so stupid. He should have stayed single and playing but some men don’t understand how to have the best of both worlds. After drinking, I am always and I mean always horny as hell so I made a call to have fun with a guy off of AdultFriendFinder…LoadStud75….Wow, he is amazing every time that I see him. Well, last night was not any different. I called and he let me come over to play. I walked in the door when he opened it. He was in just his short boxer briefs that look killer on his body. He has a tight ass body…damn…I could just stay in bed with him all night long. I stripped down to my white thong and climbed on him and started kissing him from head to toe. He just responds to my touch and kisses every time. I was on him for a while then I climbed off and laid down and he started kisses me everywhere. When he got to my sweet spot, he played around with my thong still in place and slowly he moved it to the side and slipped his tongue inside of me as he pulled my thong off. He was driving me crazy. He was down on me for about an hour and had me cumming three different times. It was amazing. I thought he was done since he said he had jacked off already but no he proceeded to slide his hard cock in me and pump away. He always blows my mind with his body, tongue, and cock. I can’t wait to see him again so I can have sex with him when he hasn’t jacked off. Oh, once we were done, I licked his balls and sucked his cock clean. Must always clean up your play toy when you are done with it. What a great night is all I have to say.

rm_sgtwildman 43M

8/25/2005 6:19 pm

Yep i am the stupid But heyhave to live life how i see fit to the beat of my own

grayghostsky 42M

8/26/2005 12:27 am

It is good to hear that you and your hubby had great sex. that he actually was in the mood for it and that it was enjoyable for you, and that he made you really happy,and that you had some great sex after that to,,

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