Another Day of Fun....  

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8/27/2005 10:32 am

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Another Day of Fun....

August 26th

This day started out the normal way, me still up at 6 am sitting on the computer doing nothing like normal. I am not much of a sleeper. While doing nothing, the phone rang and it was my E-7 who I see about once a week for privacy sake we will call him K. Well, K asked if he could stop by for quick fix. Like normal, I said yes. The man is great in bed now. He comes in and we get down to business like normal. Him going down on me and letting me how good I taste and everything. I am amazed that men just think I taste so wonderful, and I don't even understand since I don't do anything special other than tank a few showers a day. As he is down there, I am about to cum so he pops up and rolls me on top of him as he puts on the condom and he rams himself home real fast. I start to ride him so wild since by this point I just want the orgasm so bad. After about 5 minutes, I am screaming in extasy when He starts to buck under me and yell he is I couldn't figure that out for myself...we both ended up cumming at the same time which is really good. I was so completley satisfied that I got up and went to bed. It was just very filling to have you whole body relax that much.
Later in the day, one of my girls called and informed me that the GHOSTS in her house are acting up again. They decided to take her clothes and put them in the closet floor and move her shoe baskets into her bedroom floor and fold up the blanket that her children sit on into a perfect square with three pillows around it in the form of a triangle. She wanted me to come over but HELL NO...I do not deal well with ghosts so one of our other friends went and sat with her and she is all better now.
Well, as I cleaning the house, I became really horny which does happen to me a lot of the time. So I laid on the bed and took my vibrator out and started to play with myself. Well, I friend of mine Steve calls so I am talking to him and masturbating and before long low and behold I have one hell of an orgasm with him on the phone and me moaning so loud in his ear. He didn't get to play with himself because he was in public the whole time I was playing with myself.
Now I did meet someon new last night and just this once I am going to keep it all to myself. I just don't want to share the experience this time. So you will just have to wait for tomorrow to see what I do tonight...hehe

grayghostsky 43M

8/27/2005 6:02 pm

wow sounds like you had a very fun and exciting and enjoyable day, that is always good to hear that things went well,,I can understand on the ghost thing,,defently keep an eye on what you do to night

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