This one used to be in my profile here.  

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This one used to be in my profile here.

He held his fist around the base of a lightening bolt.

Fresh paths of electricity bathed downward with each forceful stroke, melting into the skin as they swirled toward the shaft. A nexus spiraled in the cleft at the head of his cock. He could feel it hover there, tantalizing and taunting in its orbit. It teased something greater each time his palm slid across the sensitive surface, feeding the storm.

Electricity brewed and fell. Thunder clouds gathered below his abdomen. Each quiver of his belly reshaped the clouds like gusts of wind in a storm. A turbulent mass of potential energy defiantly progressed toward actuality. He could feel it accumulate in the center of chest.

He aerated wisps of pleasure through gasping lips. A monsoon moved around his heart and filled his lungs with longing and grabbing. It came to him from all sides. He breathed it in with visions of chests and hips and mouths and thighs. Power grew across his shoulders as more libidinous electricity danced up and down his cock.

The lightening bolt finally overtook him and grabbed him by the waist. He could feel arms wrap around his back as he visualized the top of someone's head, lips on the tip of a cock and tongue dragging across balls.

His abdomen tensed and he tried to keep the electricity inside of himself for as long as he could. His chest collapsed and he heard the silence of his heart. The silence of everything. Time stopped and he held it at bay with all his might. Every cell of his body was a-lite with pleasure but once time resumed everything would be gone.

He clenched his teeth to help push it away. He steeled his strength against the power of the inevitable. His toes curled greedily. He felt crushed by bliss. He slid his fist down his cock one last time and felt ten thousand nerve endings scream out in passing. Every last thing had been felt. It had been gathered and compressed and accumulated. It shot forward to nowhere.

He had become empty. Time stopped but had started again. He could feel the beating of his heart step back into time with it. Everything else was falling. It wasn't the tumultuous vertigo any more. Rather it was the falling back into place of dust and debris after a tornado.

He resented the parting of the clouds.

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