Goin' down slow.  

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4/15/2005 2:02 pm

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Goin' down slow.

The question I ask myself most often is what a passing stranger's face looks like when they come. I linger on the bit of skin showing between their belt loops and their shirt tails, sure. I linger on the curve of their breast and the outline of their bra. I linger on the sexual givens like any other red blooded male would do but I wonder most about how each delightful part ties together with a string of orgasms.

I dream of tits and ass and thighs all connected to a flushed and heavy-breathed woman. I dream of the gasps procured from dragging the tip of one's tongue across the back of someone else's knee. I fantasize about hips grinding the bed as I trace the curve of her back with my lips and the tip of my cock tickles the cleft above her ass. Breaths and sighs and moans that will never be heard the same way again. Catch her nipple between your teeth and she will clench the back of your head. Drag the top of your tongue across the surface of the same nipple and she will say your name. Catch it again and her grip loosens to the sound of a surrendering moan.

She is turned on because the electricity moves inside of her now. She slides her legs across the sheets and feels the sensuality of their texture seep into her. She arches her back and feels the press of the mattress. She takes in the smell of her pillows and her own shampoo. I imagine everything feels new to her but it's not possible to get inside her head. I can only fog its mirrors and get her drunk on the touch.

I want to feel all of it. I run my hands across her body, feeling her shoulders first and sweeping across her belly. I grasp the intimacy in her hip bones and press my thumbs in their curve. I sit back on my knees take all of her in. There is an astounding beauty in a woman who has completely given herself to you. I run my hand along her thigh and raise her leg high. Finger tips on the backs of thighs and calves bring goose bumps. She moans softly and looks up with willing eyes.

She is nowhere near ready enough, though. There is more hiding inside her but most people give in too soon and never see it. Women are strong and can withstand a lot of things, including pleasure. I lower myself on top of her so she can feel my hard dick laying across her cunt. We kiss and negotiate each other's lips with soft, wet tongues. I explore the cusp of her neck. I swivel my hips just enough for her to feel the motion. The base of my cock presses a bit inside of her and it is maddening.

I bring my head down to her breast to see what sounds come next. Will the moans remain soft or will they grow louder? How hard will she grind into me? She tells me without a word how fast she wants to go and I go half a pace slower, lingering.

Eventually I move downward and she becomes vocal. A sudden, low moan from the back of her throat tells me she has been waiting for this. I remind her that I linger as I softly kiss her stomach and the ticklish part across her waist, but quickly acquiesce and push my tongue gently inside of her before lapping upward, feeling her labia with a stiff tongue. I drag it upward in that first taste across her clit and she gasps. I lap again pushing my tongue deeper inside and I can feel her open up for me. I can taste her getting wetter and wetter.

I flick my tongue across her clit and her real personality comes out. She grabs my hair or my shoulders. She shoves her waist forward or grabs her own breasts. She tells me how she she wants me to go. I need to remind her of all directions she can go so I dance circles around her clit, softening and tensing my tongue all the while.

Every time you have sex it should feel like you've invented something new.

I clasp my mouth tightly around her clit when she begins to come. I suck on it, surprising her with the sudden forcefulness and her orgasm comes all the more powerful. I slide my hands under her hips and grip her ass as she grinds into my face. I hit her clit inside my mouth with my tongue until she comes again and her sighs slow down.

I push my index finger into her and feel the dark, hot wetness. Maybe I can even feel her pulse. She begins to rock her hips again, ready for more and hungry for the sensation of my fingers inside of her. I curve my finger so the tip tickles her g-spot. How long does it take for her to ask for more? I finger fuck her and keep the pressure on center of her sexuality. I circle her clit and take it in my mouth, sucking and tapping it with my tongue when she's ready to come again.

Every part of her is alive and tingling. I run my moist hand across her body while I slowly, gently continue fucking her with my tongue. I want to give her one more orgasm before I slide myself into her and feel her legs wrap around my waist.

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4/15/2005 3:19 pm

nice story good content,

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