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4/15/2005 2:09 pm

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I started this because every day I am entranced by some new person. It could be someone I've seen only in passing. It could be someone I've talked to. It could be a person I've known for years yet they moved in some new, unsuspecting way that captivated me. The minutia can be the motherfucker. One flick of the hair and I am taken for the evening, for the week.

Tonight was an old fantasy. She is a still life holding her drink, trapped inside of her normal day. She had a boyfriend the last time I spoke with her. I met him and he seemed nice enough. But just as I desire the stranger I recognized the same in her. The possibility. Show me what you can do. What do you look like when you come?

How many promises are broken in the parking lot of a pool hall? I know of a couple.

She has a body deserving of worship. I suspect I might be the most admiring of her fans. I know I can make her come in a way that makes her body, the bed and even the house shake. I imagine her quivering underneath my chin, my tongue showing her new ways to explode. I can't imagine her coming unglued and that is the most tantalizing mystery of all.

We joked earlier in the evening and she trailed the conversation off with "You are pretty hot." That was enough to seal the deal. That was reciprocation enough to fuck off the rest of the world, pass along the phone number and dream of sweaty, tangled sheets.

I wonder what her bed is like. I wonder what her pussy is like. I wonder what her nipples look like and if they'll already be hard the next time our eyes meet. I can feel them underneath her beater, underneath her bra. Poking forward furiously, how hard will I have to pinch before her shoulders shrug and she falls forward deeper into my arms? How much can the woman who hates the public take before she surrenders? I want to make her give up and leave the rest to me.

Smooth, tan legs from the tanning booth. It's too early in the year to be properly tan and her skin tone belies her desire to be presentable and desired. I imagine them wrapped around my head and the unspoken command of "You will finish this tonight, mister." She doesn't know the number of times I want to make her come before I stick my cock in her.

I slide it in and she looks at me with the exasperated eyes of a bombing survivor. How is it possible she asks and you don't know the half, I answer. I slide slowly and assuredly into her. I feel her tense around the base of my cock. I move my hips upward, still inside of her fully, and grind the tip of my cock against her g-spot. I slide back out until I can feel the clinging of her cunt against the head of dick. I've made her come four times now and she is aware of every inch inside of her. Each detail is noted and relayed again and again and again. She tightens around the absence of my cock and I surprise her by pushing it in again.

It's the surprise that I want. The look in her eyes.

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