"I'm an Honest Man"  

EnigmaticVixen 28F
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6/27/2006 11:23 pm

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9/2/2006 2:23 pm

"I'm an Honest Man"

Can someone tell me what is honesty exactly in today's society?

I just heard someone say "Yea, I'm honest", and you see people often describe themselves that way. For example, how many AdultFriendFinder profiles have the words "I'm an honest guy/man, "Blah blah", "Blah", etc. And when you read that, what does it mean? What is the average interpretation of that word and how it applies to your life? whan a man says he's honest, what does he apply that so-called honesty to? His dealings with women, with his co-workers, his family, all of the above?

And when we say "all politicians are assholes and never honest", "presidents are never honest", "bussinessmen are never honest."

Again, what are we meaning? Do we mean they hustle people, they lie in big ways, or in small? Do we consider dishonesty to be a way to sum up their general character, if it's a bad one?

Should we apply those words only to how often they tell the truth? Or should we keep in mind that the political and bussiness world produce people who know that the only way to survive and be competitive is to lie. Because that's what everyone else does.

Honesty can't survive in some circles, you'll be chewed up and spit out. You may seem weak. Incapable. If society had to deal with people suddenly telling the truth, collectively we would all go insane. The entirety of society, the masses, the animal brain that exists in a mountain of people, can't handle honesty.
If we knew how life really was, and the things that were really happening, we would all pray to be lied to again. I can say that about myself as well in some situations. If I knew how much death, hate and destruction were in the world, with no sugar-coating, I would be heartbroken and have no hope left for this world.

Americans in particular are outraged over things that have been happening for thousands of years in other cultures, we find them horrifying, because they're a truth we weren't aware of. And we want to change it, to fix it for the people who hurt and suffer, because we believe it shouldn't be a reality, it should be abolished. We can't fathom it. How many things going on under our noses in our own country would cause the same reaction. My god, I fear to truly imagine it.

So, how much honesty do we really want? even when there are more honest people, people who live their lives better than others in their same situation. They exist. They do, and yet when we see those people who actually have some backbone to be more honest, we ridicule them as a whole. We laugh at them. We call them stupid, weak, we consider them to be not strong enough somehow because we aren't used to them.

But when going back to everyday life, to the guy sitting next to you on the subway, when he says he's honest, what does he mean?
Is he honest with himself, or with others? And sometimes when someone says their honest, we should realize they may consider 'Honesty' and an 'I don't give a shit about how you feel I just say what I want' attitude to be one and the same.

Are they? Is that no-holds-barred jackass at work you hate "honest"? When there's a guy who whistles and yells 'sexy girl!' at me on the street, should I consider him honest...or an ass? He could think of himself as honest because he doesn't hold his opinions back and he may claim it as a personal trait.

Sure, you have to get to know someone to see that they're truly honest. And I believe that some of the most honest people, by my interpretation, are the people who have no clue that they're honest by my standards. Often they don't care anyway but that's another point.

So, maybe I should extend this particularly towards the men. Guys, what do you mean when you say you're honest?

And women who read this, feel free to add your two cents in if you have anything to say about what I'm speaking of.

bp4u1000 34M

6/28/2006 6:47 pm

i'm dishonest, and a dishonest man you can always trust to be dishonest. honestly, it's the honest ones you have to watch out for because you never know when their going to do something extremly stupid.

honestly i can't say for sure. all people have there own objective and most copy those that they feel are more successful than them selves. what the means here i can't say be cause i never payed it any attention. i am what i am and if you trust it so be it. it is not my intent to lie to anyone but it is not my place to tell you in my opinion that i am honest. this is because we all lie from time to time and eventually i will lie and make a lier out of myself so why sure i lie and say i'm honest in the first place?

fl_sbm26 39M
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6/30/2006 3:41 am

The term "honesty" tends to be subjective from person to person. Most times, a person's honesty is, in reality, a half-truth. And the smartest of people know that total honesty is NEVER a good thing. If the world were ever to engage in speaking with total honesty for even 1 day, the world as we know it would be in shambles. Relationships would end.....friends would become bitter enemies.....hell, our government infrastructure would collapse from all the truth and honesty. Now, do you think you'd be able to handle a day of nothing but total honesty? I don't know. Probably not, though it would be a novel idea. But if it's honesty you seek, then look no further than my post in your previous blog.

fl_sbm26 39M
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7/21/2006 11:56 pm

I think I missed that. I guess it shows the eyesight gets weaker with no sleep. Goes to show what happens when you seek out butt-naked, red-headed intellectuals at 6am, though I'm quite pleased with what I found.

NoHarmNoFoul1 42M
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7/26/2006 6:05 pm

What you write Katie is beyond insightful in many ways. You are quite simply "thinking pragmatically", that is a rare thing indeed and Truly Impressive!! Unfortunately I fear that your ability to think pragmatically, and examine WHY PEOPLE BEHAVE, FOLLOW AND BELIEVE WHAT THEY SEEM TO!!!, may ultimately cause you more consternation and stress in life that might otherwise be the case. It will make you FAR MORE capable of being an effective leader (civically, corporately, whatever) simply because you possess a capability that "should be common" but alas is not! That is that you can fathom the fundamental concept of "seeking to examine facts and truth and establish their voracity and relevance or lack thereof"! Most establish their opinions heavily based on what "those around them" and/or "society" seems to believe!! This is a fundamental, predominately common and equally unsatisfactory condition of the Human Mind" that simply cannot be ignored without cost! It is my firm opinion that my similarities in these areas have certainly limited my "career success" in some measure. Hell, I'm doing fine, found "my spot" in a purely technical environment, own my condo, car and motorcycle ALL OUTRIGHT, NO LOANS, but hell, I'm equally as talented in accounting/finance as I am in engineering, just figure that if I pursue the "managment side" of the corporate world I'll "sooner or later" encounter "intolerable human characteristics and circumstances" ... for now, just "don't wanna go there"! This sort of "simple ability to think and present observations that differ from what folks are accustomed to" (whether or not they make any f'ing sense at all) will be "less than accepted" in many circles and "actively attacked" at times! Expect this!! In this world there are times and "pockets of folks" under the right circumstance, who through "the inability to think pragmatically but only evaluate circumstances and decisions based on what has been typically done or what others accept", will "totally unknowingly but willfully and sometimes even deceitfully" SEEK TO LITERALLY STAMP OUT TALENT AND INTEGRITY WHEREVER IT REARS ITs UGLY HEAD", so to speak!!![b/]
A couple of points, I'm not sure either way whether the concept of "honesty" favors either gender. Certainly, typical male "lack of integrity" comes in entirely different "flavors" and manifestations than female "integrity absence", when they exist. But both certainly exist and their magnitude, if not visibility, can't be that far apart??
The "Politicians Are Liars" thing: I share a considerable believe in this "theorem"! For "higher level" public Officials, esp. Congresspersons, Senators, Presidents and the like, even Corporate CEOs and similar, Well they have to "maneuver themselves through many layers of people", garnering support and ultimately campaign funding, from many sources, and gain the popularity and prominence of at least a majority of each "peer group"! Quite similar to what you wrote about "Honest Persons Being Unnaccepted and Even Ridiculed", well, one would argue that "no person of even reasonable integrity" could "negotiate the support and funding" without frequently SAYING AND DOING THINGS DIFFERENTLY THAN THEY WOULD OTHERWISE TRUTHFULLY BELIEVE AND QUITE SIMPLY GRANT FAVORS OR SIMPLY FAVORABLE ATTENTION OF ONE FORM OR ANOTHER TO PERSONS PROMOTING THEIR SUCCESS AND/OR PROVIDING CAMPAIGN CONTRIBUTIONS!!![B/]
My Advice Pretty Katie: Think, Examine, Render Solid Opinions Based on Pragmatic Evaluations of The Facts, but Expect There To Be From Time To Time Unbridled Opposition From Folks Even Previously Considered Allies!!

iluvolderbabes 34M

12/10/2006 8:12 pm

honesty does not matter, it is how you handle a situation that proves your worth. If lying means saving someone from a world of hurt then lying is worth it. However, if lying burns your life up and those around you then it it bad. You cannot trust someone until you know them personally which leads me to say that the word should not be honest but is someone trust worthy or not. I dont end up getting into many relationships because for me i like to know the person first, alot of them i know would never be faithful no matter how much she likes you, its just her nature. This is also true for guys...

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