The First Time  

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The First Time

The Stage is set. All props positioned, the rope and cuffs lie alone on the freshly scrubbed table. In the drawers and shelves of the wooden cabinet lie my other friends, close to hand but concealed. My deepback chair is isolated at one end, by the half opened window, curtain gently billowing in the evening’s soft breeze. The room is scented of Juniper, lazy curls of vapours rising from the oil burner. I wait for other player, the clock ticks round to the time of her entrance.

The door bell rings and my footsteps echo on the bare old planking as I walk the long corridor to my front door, ah the final cast member is good, right on cue.

I open the door to a nervously smiling face framed in shoulder length blonde hair. A mature frame, not petite but also no bbw. In her hands, held in front like a shield, is her bag. No just handbag that, an overnight bag, a smile already on my face to greet her becomes broader, and eyes brighten in pleasure and anticipation. I step back opening the door wide in greeting and invitation.

She crosses over my threshold her body language confused. Stride confident, shoulders back, spine straight, yet I see the tremble in the hands gripped on her bag., the look in her eyes. This is a brave step for her, a bold step. We have met before with others around, a public place, a safe place. Conversations had been had which had often gone on long into the night, but these had been typed or were words on a phone. To be here was commitment to peruse a path long desired, often glimpsed or lightly trod to peek around a first corner. To be here was to give control of herself over to another. To Me.

We went into my lounge, like all the rooms of my house, high ceiling, lightly furnished. Downstairs floors all old pine planking which resonates and moves slightly under a heavy step. None of those here, cautious moves. The scent of candles and polish, waxed leather furniture, the room lit by a wide high set of windows. She puts her bag down beside the chair I indicate for her to sit in. Lowers her limbs till she is perched on it’s edge. Spine till straight, knees together under her long cotton skirt. She looks up to me. I offer her a drink, a wine perhaps red or white, maybe a chilled beer or a soft beverage. She chooses and I leave her to get it.

Again my footsteps echo down that long corridor, a strong confident stride, a door opens then closes. She is left alone sitting in that room, silence and scent and light her only companions. I return within a few minutes.

She has not settled back from the edge. I hand her her glass and tell her to sit back and relax for a while, make sure a coaster is on the small table beside her. Take my own glass to my usual winged deep leather armchair and sit holding it, facing her. Leaning back crossing my legs, at the she finally reflects my actions, but her a demure knee, folded against the other me an ankle, resting on knee.

Sipping our drinks we talk small light talk with words, journey, ease of finding my home, how work has been since we last talked, catching up on social trivia. Conversation of a very different kind with eyes, gestures bodies. As the glasses are drained the tension is eased, a frission of excitement builds a tension of it’s own yet one based upon expected pleasure and delicious nerves.

Glasses emptied I offer her a tour of the house, taking her from room to room. Upstairs first, the bathrooms, shower room, bedrooms, letting her peak into my life and also see as room follows room that we are alone. It is important for what is to come that she feels secure.

Then back down the stairs, to my lounge. Not sitting I ask her if she has brought what she said. She opens her overnight bag and takes out another from within and hands it to me. I feel its weight and the shapes of what are within and smile, she has brought what she said. Words of safety had already been agreed, one final question. Had she done as I said? For almost the last week I had denied her any self or other gratification. She looks to Me then lowers her head and eyes and admits to a slip 3 days ago. I just nod and accept the honesty of her answer. I turn and tell her to follow me.

Back once more down the corridor, but this time two sets of footsteps, pausing as I open doors off it to again show her rooms empty of all but furniture and us. Then finally through the last door, letting it swing shut behind us and onto the stage.

I turn to watch as she takes it all in. The table, the rope, the heavy handcuffs, the single chair. Watches as she inhales the fresh scent of the burner. A breath which is the final acceptance, a pause for a decision as she holds it, a commitment as she lets it out.

Telling her to follow I walk to My chair, I drop the bag she had given me on it. I turn to stand in front of it and tell her to stop and stand a couple of foot before it. She does.

Hands loose by her sides, she stands there, ankles slightly apart, feet turned out. Her head is down, unbraided hair soft across her shoulders. Slowly I walk around her, once, twice, a third time. Stopping behind her as her head is kept lowered and to the front, I open a drawer. The sound large in the silence, wood rasping on wood. I reach in and take out a long silk scarf, folding it upon itself along it’s length till it’s a long white ribbon of softness yet strength. Leaning in to her, whispering in her ear to lift her head she does so. I tie the silken ribbon about her eyes, shutting off the light, reducing the senses, increasing her dependence. Walking back to my chair, I move the bag to the floor and sit looking at her. Silent and just watching. Her head moves trying to catch some sound, some clue, head leaning left then right trying with each ear to pick up those tiny messages denied by her sight. Silence, I sit there quiet and still.

A minute or so later, though it seemed an age, cracking across the absence comes my first command.
“Unbutton your top.”
It was a short sleeved white cotton top, high collared with only the top 2 small buttons already loosened. Her fingers fumbled, looking for the next to be undone as they find them I stop her.
“No. from the bottom up.”
Her fingers trickled down the trail of buttons till they reached there end. Twisting each one, the material gradually opening and freeing as each fastening goes. As each one goes more of her is opened to my gaze. The skin white, a few marks of natural beauty, of motherhood revealed. Till her fingers reach the end of their path, unclasps the last remaining button and the now freed material slides apart, catching against her lacy, flower embroidered, strapless bra.

I lift myself silently from my seat as her hands fall back to her sides, as she waits, exposing that normally hidden from the sight of men to me for the first time. Her breathing shallower, quicker, she waits not knowing for what, but she has made her first move, removed herself, accepted My commands and completed them. I wait then slipping behind her, slide my hands up the back of her top quickly reaching for the clasp of her bra, unsnapping it in one fast move, peeling it forwards so it is not held by her breasts and letting it drop to the floor with a rustle. Reaching up I take the top by its collar and loosen it from her shoulders, pulling it down and off her arms as she brings them back to help me free her of it. Her complete upper torso now naked to my sight, to my touch, to me. I take a couple of steps away and reach for the cuffs telling her to bring her arms behind her back I snap a wrist into each and ratchet them closed and tight.

Leaning over her from behind she can feel my warm breath on her skin, I use the back of a hand to lift her hair off her neck so no part of her is kept hidden from the light or me and add my breath to the soft warm air circulating in the room, blowing gently, no contact but air. Her body shivers, looking over her shoulders I see nipples tighten and harden, rising like two little towers surrounded by their darkened moats, contrasted by the snowfields of her breasts. My head moves, hair loosed, breath over her back and arms, down the knobbed ridge of her spine and circling in the hollow above the palms crossed and bound resting in the small of her back.

The first moan escapes her lips, as involuntary as the trembling nerves beneath the skin, wanting a touch to respond to, something to feel against them, to release them from their hunger to have a stronger purpose, meaning to be. Heightened by the mind in it’s need for information as it had no sight, had almost no noise, touch alone its communicator and guider. I did not give it that comfort.

I walked around to her front, kneeling in front of her, hands reaching and slipping down the side zipper to her skirt. As it reached it’s end and gaped so did the top of the skirt and it slipped down her legs, pooling at her feet. Hands cuffed unable to interfere she felt my hands on the top of her high hipsters relentlessly assisting gravity to take them from her, slide over thigh, peel from pussy till like the rest of her flimsy garments and her own ability to control events they were discarded on the floor, not being needed or used.

I told her to step out of them. She did. I gathered them up, leaving her there as I folded them and put them aside. Left her standing there totally naked, cuffed, blindfolded. I went and sat back down in my chair in front of her. Allowing myself for the first time to take in the pleasure of her total nudity. The line from shoulders to hips, curving gently, her breasts pillowed on her chest, those nipples ardent in their desire and confused at their exposure. Down the line of her navel to her shaved and smooth pubic mound, ahh naughty girl that was supposed to have been part of My pleasure later shaving her, another misdemeanour noted.

“Spread your legs wider apart”

She did. Her outer lips parting to reveal her labia, signs of moisture already glistening on them and in the tunnel nestled by their protective wings.

“Turn around and bend forward”

She did. Bending deep at the waist to hide nothing from me. I felt myself harden within my pants as I looked into the crease of her ass, looked at the tight puckered bud of her anus then that small crease of skin till her body parted again into the multiple folds and creases of her pussy and inner thighs. All surrounded by the firm cheeks of her buttocks, quivering in the effort of holding the bend without the use of her arms, cuffed behind her. Her leg, calf and thigh muscles stretched and taught. I stood, unpopped my jeans, pulled down my zipper and let them drop to the floor. A sound I knew she would hear and understand. I pulled my shirt over my head so I was as naked as her. Yet I could see and she could not. I could touch and move and she could not. I took the two steps to her and squatted down. Placed my nose close to her sex and inhaled deeply of her feminine musky scent, again a sound she could hear, could sense my closeness to her, her trembling increased. So wet and aroused her juices were like raindrops on a window in a heavy downpour but rather than running down glass these were running like little streams down her thighs

Again I inhaled deeply and then released the air in a stream across her pussy and inner thighs, just the movement of air on her, but ohh it was where on her she felt it. It was how she was feeling it that for a second time forced a moan from her. I blew down that deep crease from top of ass to tip of pussy between those lips and right into the hood of her clit, she moaned again. I ran my nails lightly down those tensed muscles, not scratching but leaving 10 thin trails against the white of her skin as I blew upon those trickles making them become streams

I told her to straighten and stand and turn to face me.

She did. I could see her face was flushed not from strain but desire. Her breath quick, her skin trembled. She put her shoulders back and pushed her breasts out toward me, arching her back, nipples strained and taught like the launch pads for twin rockets desperate to fly but forever constrained to the flesh, they moved up and down as her breath went in and out.

Sitting down my cock hard, erect and twitching, I opened a cupboard close within my reach. My own nipples were aching and hard. I took out an old friend of mine. A long brown riding crop with a thin leather loop at one end and a silver cap at the handle end. I sat forward in my chair holding it loosely with one hand whilst with the other I curled my fingers around myself and gave myself the pleasure of a few strokes. Holding myself firmly in my own grip, feeling pre cum ooze from the end and dampen my head. I told her what I was doing, stood up and ran a finger wetted by my own juice under her nose and over her parted lips, telling her not to lick. Taking myself in hand again I stroked a bit more, releasing more of my juices, these were used to anoint her nipples, very lightly, hardly touching, just smearing. Her small moans were becoming almost constant, mixed with hardly heard words of please, please

Sitting down again I reached out with the crop and slid it down her ribs. She groaned at the touch , any touch, across her stomach and navel. From her ankles up along the insides of her parted legs, up over her inner thighs. To the base of her throat and down her cleavage, circling under the base of each breast. I slid it deep between her legs as her knees almost buckled at the release and touch of it, her body shivering, quivering, from deep within her gasps and moans slid out as I slid it back and for between her lips, she tried to rub herself harder on it. Watching as her flooding juices soaked and darkened it then removed it and suddenly with a flick of the wrist catching her just over her clit, once, twice a third time. Quick slaps with the leather loops a long hard moan flew from her, her knees parted and she almost stumbled, but caught herself and straightened. The crop circled her naked form again, across her shoulders, under her chin along the outside of her breasts, trickling across her navel, down the outside of her legs, then nothing till with another quick flick of the wrist the end strap slapped hard against a nipple left, left, right, right, left, right catching them full on but just the nipple. A scream not of pain but pleasure as the nerves flashed their message to the hungry mind of touch and torture and contact and warmth and hunger and need and release and ache. I put the crop down and walked over behind her. Snuggled myself up to her so she could feel my naked skin pressed against her. Hands on her shoulders massaging, voice in her ears whispering about how sexy she was, how good she was, how hungry she made me, how pleased she made me. Letting her feel my hard arousal against her out turned cuffed palms. Then sliding back, reaching for the keys and uncuffing her.

Keeping the blindfold in place, I rubbed her reddened wrists soothing them with some moisturiser I had ready. I lead her to the table and stood her against one head end. Reaching into the bag she had given me earlier I took out two nipple clamps and taking each in turn pulled her nipples out and opened each one to take the nipple in and then tightened them till hard with each one a long moan was it greeting. I bent her forward over the table hands out stretched in front. Uncoiling the rope and holding one end I slid the rest down the length of the table, nosily it clattered as fell off the far end. I looped it three times around her clasped hands each coil tight to the other fed the end up between them and tied it of at the back. Walking down the table I pulled it taut, stretching her arms out, feeding it back down the length I squatted at her feet, loops around each ankle bringing them tight to each table leg, then up again and looping finally at each knee so she was bandy legged tied open stretched along the length of the table. Lower torso across the grain of the wood, upper raised and finally ran a chain from her nipple clamps to the hands, using the end I had tied off to fasten it.

Once done she was strapped over the table, immobile, any arm jerk movement would pull on her nipple clamps. I stood be her side. My hands rubbing gently over back and shoulders, warming the skin of her ass cheeks, soothing them with a touch. Reaching again for her bag I drew out her two favourite toys, her rabbit and a long blue anal probe turned them on to their lowest settings and placed them to the wooden table by her head so she could hear their vibrations, hands returning to their circling and soothing, then my right running a nail down her wide spread ass crease, over her anus to the base of her pussy to that spot just between them, and stayed there, pressing lightly and circling, nothing she could do to stop it, nothing she could do to hurry it, no way to push herself out upon it. The juices flooding from her pussy lubricating my circling finger and running across her stretched. She begged me for more, begged me to give her the release of a full orgasm, to fuck her, fill her, take her, use her, fulfil her need and hunger. I just let my finger circle as she heard her toys vibrate. Then lowered my head and lightly flicked my tongue tip across the bud of her anus. Flick, flick, flick, flick, flick, my nail circling tongue tip filcking, her body temblinf from head to toe. She tried to wriggle for more contact against the edge of the table but I had made sure her clit was below it’s reach, her desperation for penetration causing her to scream and shout, she called me bastard, tormentor, Sir, Master anything she could think of to influence me. Stopping my flicking but not the circling I each in turn switched off her toys, then leant by her ear.

“Why did you not do as I said?” I asked her

In her state she could not remember what she had done wrong, she pleaded all innocence of any misdemeanour, said, had she not followed every word and instruction since she had been here?

Again I asked her why she had not obeyed me, again a plea of innocence and frustration and desire to be taken to be fucked to be filled to be released from this devouring need. My finger circled. A third request and denial. I straightened and stopped all contact just letting her lie there for a minute, she was sobbing in frustrated desire. Then again my hand circled her butt then SMACK on left SMACK on right two hard slaps on her cheeks, two hand prints imprinted in red, SMACK, SMACK cries. I ask her again why she had not done as I said. She cried she was sorry but didn’t know what I meant, but if she had done wrong then she should be punished, it was my right. A good answer, my hands softly sooth her reddened cheeks, I bend to softly cool it with my breath, a sigh falls from her lips, in-between breaths I tell her. As she is tied before me over my table, bound hand and foot and knee, spread, available with her ass cheeks red and my scarf across her eyes. I tell her she pleasured herself when I said not to and she shaved herself when she knew not to. If she had denied me my pleasure why should I give her hers?

She admits her faults and begs to be punished for what she had done wrong but please to please, please give her release. I pick up her Rabbit and start to slide it gently up and down her puffed, soaked and swollen outer pussy lips, her whole body shudders she struggles to push for more but cannot, it continues to slide up and down and then suddenly without any warning it goes deep into her, one move deep in till it almost swallowed up by her, then it is removed, she screams and again I am called a bastard, a smile flickers across my lips. This is fun. Another deep thrust another scream as it’s removed. I lean over and say

“This is your punishment”

I run my finger up her thighs collecting her juices, using them to lube the anal probe. Rubbing my fingers along it’s length till it glistens with her pleasure emissions then place it against her anus and start to push, telling her to relax as it’s head slips in just past the seal I hold it there letting her adjust to it, then slowly push it into her, not stopping, pushing it inch by inch deep into her till only the very end is left showing. Then taking her Rabbit and sliding that deep into her as she cries out in reliefI don’t turn either on but leave them in her, telling her to use her muscles to grip the rabbit and hold it in, to not let it fall. Then I get onto the table, straddle her stretched arms with my wide spread knees, wrap her hair n my hands, puling her head back and slide my hard cock into her mouth. Using my hands in her hair and on my shaft to control the depth I move her mouth up and down my engorged length, mm loving the feeling of actually being in her for the first time, feeling her wrap her tongue around it’s head and flicking across it mm not bad but she’ll need some lessons, she could get better. I pull her up me and slip out of her mouth with a pop as she didn’t want to let it go shuffle forward so my smooth shaved balls are against her mouth as her tongue comes out to lick them and comfort them and swirl them around, she cant get them into her mouth in this position, not without risk of pain to me. I hear a clatter and thud and she moans and release a oh shit.

Getting off the table the rabbit has slipped from her pussy to the floor. I pick it up without comment, and slide it back in, this time turning it on, I am aware of how long she has been tied to the table and this is a first time. There will be others so want to make sure it’s not too prolonged. She releases a long moan of pleasure as I work the Rabbit over her clit and into her pussy, making it gyrate and twist and buzz and vibrate, as I also turn on her anal probe sending pulses shivering through her. Her body resonates in response to it all and within seconds I can sense a climax building, building rapidly like a tsunami no damn could defend against. I feel it’s onset rushing forwards, rushing through her, almost reaching it’s height about to break over her washing her away. And I immediately remove the rabbit and the probe and all contact she SCREAMS in denial, body, thrashes the table, shudders for release denied, arms writhing knees buckling, body shuddering trying to get to that final break point, finding no way as the waters swirl and eddy within trapped once again, creating a spinning whirlpool within in.

I watch smiling, stroking my aching cock, reaching up and twisting my nipples sending my own shudders of pleasure coursing through me. Waiting as she screams and yells and calls me Bastard, Mother Fucker, Asshole, Sir, Master again and again running through her repertoire of abuse and need. Waiting till she calms and her words come to whimpers of pleadings, her body calms, just shudders sending ripples up and down her body, the nerves cooling but aching, ready still to flare, heated and fuse lit but not able to take to the skies like a sky rocket to burst in heavenly splendour.

I move behind her still stroking my cock, I place myself at the tip of her soaked tunnel and lean my hips forward, letting the head of my cock slip just an inch or two between her puffed and swollen lips. My hands on her hips I just rock back and for letting the head slide in and out, just that inch or so, for the uncountable time a moan emits from deep within in, her voice now hoarse and grating with frustration and desire begs for more, begs to be fucked, begs for her cunt to be taken, begs to be filled, begs to feel me fill and flood her. I gradually let more and more of me slide within her, bit by bit, deeper and deeper, gradually building up to long steady strokes. The hiss of a long drawn out yes yes yes as she feels my rhythm quicken and deepen till she can feel my full balls slap against her clit, my hands hard on her hips, my cock ram deep and long and hard into her, filling her right to her walls, I go up on my toes a bit so the head of my cock rubs against her g spot. I am so aroused myself I cant hold back long, each stroke hard and deep into her removing another layer of my self control, as she gave up her control to me. Slap after slap as our bodies meet as my balls swing against her.

I reach forward to warp her hair in my hands pulling her head back, she screams again but this time in pure pleasure. Knowing this time there will be no stopping. Our cries fill the air thicker than the scent of our sex till all control is gone, all control is lost and together we erupt into that place only lovers join and share, a place as divorced from reality as any Star Trek set. A place where only lovers who combine their joint essence together at the same instance, where all is fulfilled and released can ever visit. Where we know out bodies shake and tremble and limbs lose control, we experience it all yet are distanced from as mind and brain and body erupt into the black hole of mutual orgasm. I fill her so full of my cum and her juices gush so hard where we join is a swamp, running down thighs and creases and crevices right to our knees and beyond.

I collapse upon her back, releasing her hair. As quickly as I can I recover enough to undo her bounds and clamps. Sit back in my chair and reach for the moisturiser. As I hold her in my lap, whispering words of soft pleasure and praise I sooth and tend the rope marks . Placing her in my chair I kneel to do her feet and knees. I retrieve a fresh towel and use it to clean us down. Then when both are recovered, I take her by the hand and lead her to the shower room to continue our next journey of discovery

2daycowboywanted 45F

8/29/2006 11:33 am

To each their own is the only thing that comes to mind.

Until later

rm_SusieQ27 46F
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8/31/2006 1:40 am

If you've got it, EE...flaunt it...that's what I always say.

However, although it stimulated me...rather a lot, actually. It's a little worrying, that! Afterall, I'm not usually that way inclined. I tend to enjoy, sloshy, sexy, slippy romanctic blogs.

Is this your idea of sloshy sexy,slippiness, I wonder?

Luv n stuff Susie

huntressrenewed 43F
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8/31/2006 8:18 pm

Oh my Gawd!!!! Why ar eall the really good ones so far away????

juicyisme 51F  
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9/1/2006 8:29 pm

How far can your imagination, experience and exploration take you? I found myself squirming slightly whilst I read. Certainly, I am looking to squirm even more! *warm smiles*

"A negative attitude will destroy a dream and paralyze ideas the world is blessed by those with a positive attitude who see possibility where others see barriers"

juicyisme 51F  
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9/15/2006 8:17 pm

Ohhhh EE, I can picture being there The only thing is I'd be tying you up making you beg for more he he he

"A negative attitude will destroy a dream and paralyze ideas the world is blessed by those with a positive attitude who see possibility where others see barriers"

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