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3/4/2006 7:27 pm

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Advice for the Guys

The ratio of men to women on AdultFriendFinder is about 10 to 1. This holds true for the number of profiles, who is online and who is broadcasting a webcam. Because of this large disparity, the ladies get a lot of contacts from men, even from men who do not even come close to matching their cupid settings or who did not bother to read a woman’s profile (e.g. men contacting women who are only looking for other women). It is not only a problem for the ladies (I have been contacted by people who obviously did not read my profile or pay attention to my cupid settings), but the ladies seem to get bombarded with many, many more of these types of contacts.

So my advice to you guys is to read a woman’s profile carefully, check her cupid settings (they sometimes conflict) and then (and only then) if she seems like a good match for you initiate contact. If you do not match her cupid settings (e.g. distance, age) your odds of getting a positive response from her is rather slim because she is probably getting a lot of contacts from men who DO match her cupid settings.

If you do choose to initiate contact, it is a good idea to state what about her interested you. You can tell her she’s hot, or has nice tits, etc. but if that’s all you say you will probably not distinguish yourself from all the other men who contact her. I stress again - READ HER PROFILE and tell her why you are the person she is looking for. Also, send her a picture of your face (guys, I can not stress this enough: 90+% of the women out there have no desire to see a picture of your cock as part of your initial contact). If you do not get a response from someone you contacted, forget about it and move on. Remember there are REAL PEOPLE behind those profiles, so treat the people you contact just like you would if you were meeting them face to face, because assholes who harass the REAL WOMEN who are on AdultFriendFinder cause real harm to them and make it harder for everybody.

And for you guys (and I guess some women too) who do harass somebody on AdultFriendFinder, for whatever reason, get off the site and seek help.

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3/19/2006 2:29 pm


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