This 19 year old gilrl who's life is hanging by a thread...  

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6/6/2006 12:48 am

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This 19 year old gilrl who's life is hanging by a thread...

A few days ago, I went on a call for a girl who was t-boned by a cement truck. It ended up being her fault, which isn't important at this point, but I met her family today. You see, she was not carrying any ID when she went through a red light and got nailed on the drivers side by that huge truck.

We arrived and she wasn't moving, she was attempting to breathe but you could only see her trachea tugging with each attempt. Intubation was almost immediate, but who was she, she seemed so young. Was she like so many of the drivers I see today yakking on her cell phone, not paying full attention to her driving? Who leaves the house with no ID at all?

We flew her to a local trauma center and left with the a feeling that she wasnt going to make it, and nobody in her family even knew she was there, because we didn't even know who she was.

The police officer who came to the hospital said they found her name and address, but made no attempt at looking up that info for a phone number to call. WTF??? Isn't that part of their job? That is when I met one of the most caring individuals I have ever come across. She is a patient care advocate for the hospital - the person who makes sure everything goes right for the patient. She was on it like a hound chasing a fox. We had to get back in service but she said she would call me at the base to update me on our patient. Later that evening, she found the parents and they made it to the hospital before their daughter made it out of the first of what will be many suregeries.

The next day, my partner and I take another victim to the trauma center and here comes the patient advocate with a basked in her hand. It was full of homemade cookies. Our patient's mother couldn't sleep all night but the hospital wanted her to go home and rest while the father stayed at the bedside... she stayed up all night and made cookies for everyone who was on scene.

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