Nothing like progress!!  

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5/17/2006 9:05 am

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5/31/2006 11:20 am

Nothing like progress!!

I went to the doctor yesterday afternoon. When I went last month I was nothing short of terrified *chuckles*
I know I have mentioned before how I hate needles... well that day the poor nurse that was assigned to me got to see me acting like a BIG baby about that whole finger sticking thing. Well this time around she walked in and recognized me... so the first thing she said was... "do I get to stick you or are you going to do it yourself" to which I replied quite enthusiastically.... I WILL DO IT!! *laughs*
My guy went with me to make sure I didn't completely wimp out. I hate talking to doctors... I will freely admit that they intimidate the hell out of me.. and that is no small feat dear readers... I am a ballsy brassy woman for the most part.. but get me around a guy in a white lab coat and I become meeker than a church mouse on Easter Sunday.
Well after the dreaded finger prick.... I sat and waited for the doctor to come in... feeling all sorts of nervous.. but I couldn't let my guy see me like that.. so I played the "strong" role.. which he saw right through.. *chuckles*
He told me to make sure I explained to the doctor that my medication dosages maybe set too high.
I have been having alot of low blood sugars.. primarily at night after bedtime... and it was getting really bad.. so my guy pushed me into telling the doctor instead of me just quitting the meds.
So.. with my guy sitting there I did... and the doctor nodded, looked thoughtful and said... alright.. eliminate the nighttime dose of Glyburide.. which is a pretty strong med.
He then went on to talk to me to explain why it is that even though I am following this frigging 1800 calorie a day diet.. I still gained 6 pounds.
He said that when I was living in denial about having body was dehydrated, so now that I am regulating my blood sugar levels.. my body is retaining and balancing out my water levels... taaadaa.. instant weight gain.
He wants me to try this new drug which would replace my Glyburide and also help to reduce my appetite... one problem though... the frigging thing is an INJECTION... that I would have to take TWICE A DAY!!! HELLOOOOOO!!! FEAR OF NEEDLES???!!!
So not just no.. but HELL NO!!! to that one
The best news that he gave me though.. was that my AC-whatever-the-hell.... is 7.2, which is AWESOME considering that two months ago it was 9.7
The lower I get it... the less medications I have to take and the more under control my diabetes becomes..
Keep your fingers crossed for me guys... I am shooting for 6.0!!!

fantasylover_05 62M

5/17/2006 10:03 am

You go girl!!!

Diabetes is not something to fool around with!!!

Congrats on your progress.... but ya gota keep it up! LOL

PineyFolks 59M/59F

5/18/2006 4:34 pm

LOL A1C doll. I am happy for you that is so good. Mine was 6.3 after my surgery it has never been that low. LOL Normal people have less then 6 usually. I am happy for you. *smooches*


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