Planning a Meet & Greet BBQ  

EnBlove 58M/59F
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4/15/2006 8:20 am
Planning a Meet & Greet BBQ

Hi at least there is some int rest. We have had some on the Yahoo club sites. How about planning May 13th. Saturday about 3:00pm. Help in getting the word out to some friends of yours. We will continue to post on the club sites. The Well ( new name Dakota hot springs) is very warm and relaxing. There is also what they call the lobster tank the water is about 108 in the tank. The main pool is kept at about 100. It is quite rustic and is outside. It is clothing optional but is also a family place so no or very limited touching. WE are members so we can use the gas BBQ and our guests can get a discount when coming there with us,or while we are there. Plan for this Ed & Beth we are really mellow and easy going. WE will tell all to bring something to BBQ and something to share. We will have a place with a little sign with our names on it Ed & Beth. SO any one that wants to can find us or our stuff. We have pics on most of the springs adult sites.
AS well as on our profile here. Wewould lov eto meet some folks and see what happens. We will be going to Denver this month for the Star trek Convention. with Starland. Yes I am a big Star Trek fan. We stay busy but love to make time to meet people and make friends. Hugs to all Ed & Beth

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