Making Changes  

Ember72 44F
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2/28/2006 10:15 am

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4/4/2006 2:39 pm

Making Changes

So, I finally got off the procrastination train and started working out again. It's been probably about a year since I attempted to add excercising into my daily routine. It's not that I hate the working out so's just the getting started and adding it to my daily routine that I procrastinate about.

But, once I actually start working out, I get to where I NEED to do it. I crave it. It is like a natural high after all.

So, today was day two of doing aerobics, toning, abs and stretching. About 48 minutes total. I work out at's just something I prefer to do in private and the comfort of my own home. I have tapes that I work out to (hope to upgrade to dvds this weekend)

Not only have I finally got on the excercise kick again, but I bought lots of healthy foods last night while doing the grocery store. I didn't add any junk food to the cart at all. I am dead set on getting fit and healthy.

I'm not setting my goals too high right now. I'm focusing on building up my muscles, making it where I have much more energy and don't get worn out so easily (like I do right now) Make it where I can get back to how I use to be where I could dance several songs and still breathe easily (I really am sooo out of shape) I figure if I drop even one jeans size, I'm doing pretty damn good. But right now, I'll be happy if within 3 weeks my current jeans don't fit as tight as they are right now. Taking it one step at a time...not setting my goals too high. Disappointment just sets in when I do that...and I know it takes time to get where you really loose weight and it shows. So, I figure if I get to where my body doesn't feel so sore and I have way more energy, I'll be doing good.

Just hoping I can keep up with it this time around and not fall off the wagon. I HAVE to make myself do this. And do it every day (ok, at least 4/5 times a week) I need my own hunky personal trainer...that's what I need! Someone that would come over and MAKE me do it. LOL *daydreams about what else might be done if she had her own hunky personal trainer*

Elvira_Madigan 47F
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2/28/2006 11:46 am

Good for you! I added exercise to my daily routine almost two years ago now and I'm still at it. I'm afraid I don't have your determination, though. I knew I would need help to keep me going. I joined a gym (women hunky personal trainers...but lots of fun and joking around) and got a friend to go along with me. She doesn't drive so I pick her up every morning and we go in before I go to work. We really keep each other going. I know she'll be waiting on the corner for me...she knows I'll be coming to pick her up...otherwise I would probably just go back to bed. It has paid off...I've lost heart rate, blood pressure and cholesterol levels are healthier than they've ever been. Stick with it!! You can do it!!!

zx9racer 43M

3/1/2006 8:18 am

well if you need some help with training.. I can do that for ya.. I love to work out.

rm_hoop_102 55M

3/30/2006 10:20 am

Right on Ember,good for you.There is nothing wrong with working out and staying in shape. Once you fall off,its hard to get back on.I use to jog but I fell off that Now all I do basically Is Karate to try to stay in shape. Keep up the good work,making that sexy body sexier.Take care...................

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