If my post gets rejected one more time....  

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9/28/2005 11:28 am

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If my post gets rejected one more time....

I'm so freakin frustrated! I've been trying to replie to a question in the magazine area, and it keeps getting rejected for whatever reason. GRRRR!!!
And it's something that I happen to have personal knowledge of and want to share with others.

There are some guys out there that seriously need to read up and learn more on the g-spot and squirting. Some of them are sooo completely CLUELESS.

There are men who think that the liquid from squirting is urine, and that is so NOT true!

All I'm trying to do is get some info on there for them .. clear some things up for them .. and it won't go through. I've tried like 3 different times now. Changed some stuff a bit, left some stuff out, tried shortening it. *sighs*
I don't know what the fucking deal is. I'm about to give up, but I don't want to do that, because these guys REALLY need to be clued in a bit.

I could try and write an actual article on it. But I'd hate to type a whole bunch of stuff up just to be told that it was rejected too. And I don't know if linking url's is acceptable or not, even when it's within the site. Grrrrrr! I hate having restrictions being placed on the written word. It's one thing that will get me extremely irate and peeved. Being a writer at heart, I don't like to be told what I can and cannot write. *steams a bit more and tries to calm down*

Hopefully this last attempt will be accepted *crosses fingers*

I f**king give up! It was rejected again. And from the reasons they gave me, I don't see where it could be any of those things. Unless it's just too long of a post. I don't f**king know
*so freakin furious right now*

I'm debating whether to try one more time or just give up on it *sighs*

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9/29/2005 12:05 pm

are you referring to the "squirt" article that sexymamma, from se ks., put out? it was a lil interesting. im sure you read my comment. that knowledge is why i enjoy having sex with married women or those who have been married. it seems that they enjoy sex a lot more, lose their inhibitions, have a plumper, jucier pussy, and learned how to actually use/move it.
...to be continued

im off to work

Ember72 44F

9/29/2005 4:57 pm


First... HI!!!! *waves and smiles*

Second... no. It was a question posted by luvspoetry, in which he asked: Is a g-spot orgasm the same as squirtn
I would like to know if there is a difference between the
two, squirtn and g-spot orgasm.

And some of the guys are so completely clueless. A couple of them actually think that when a female squirts, it's urine. Which is completely untrue.

Maybe my post will get through here. I'll try. This is what I had typed (this is the rewritten, condensed version that I tried to post):

First of all, EVERY female has a g-spot. Just for some, it doesn't feel as good as it does for others (some may feel down right irritated when it's touched/played with) Second, the g-spot and squirting are NOT related. Third, EVERY female can squirt if they know what to do. I was under the impression that I had no g-spot nor that I would ever be able to squirt, but I finally relaxed completely one day and it happened for me (now I squirt and gush all the time, and LOTS of it. We're talking up to 2 cups full sometimes) Fourth, it is NOT urine!

This is from the Holistic Wisdom site (which I beg all of you, Please PLEASE go there and read up on this!): "Female ejaculation is prostate like fluid that is pushed out of the urethra (pee tube) which originates not from the bladder but from the Paraurethral/Skenes glands (located under the g-spot area) during sexual arousal."

And more: "Let me get the biggest myth out of the way- IT IS NOT URINE. Upon testing the liquid, scientists have found that it contains levels of glucose (sugar), and an enzyme (prostate acid phosphatase), which is characteristic of a major component in semen. It is similar to the prostate fluid within male ejaculation but without the sperm. There are also two other substances contained in the fluid, commonly found in urine (urea and creatinine), which are found in trace amounts. It is a unique substance, and unlike the heavier and thicker fluid that you would typically see when a chick is "wet" or has had an orgasm."

Please just go there and read up on it. I think some of you could seriously use some reading up on this.


I have NO idea why it was rejected.. but whatever.
If you find that section and read the posts from the guys, you'll see why I was a bit miffed with them. There obviously are a LOT of guys (and females for that matter) that really need to read up and learn about the g-spot and squirting.

Anywho... how are you short??

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