Who is that knocking at my back door?  

Elysium7 52M/44F
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3/2/2005 1:51 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Who is that knocking at my back door?

I am so tired of shoveling snow and scraping the ice and crap off from my car. I need a vacation. Laying in the sun, having the cabana boy bring me frozen drinks with lots of rum, sexy strangers named Juan offering to rub oil on my back...sliding his slippery hands inside the back of my suit bottom..yum!

I must confess that I am getting a little nervous about meeting this other couple this weekend. I know that it's only for a couple of drinks and to see if we "click" at all, but I can't keep from getting paranoid about stuff like the guy will take one look at me in the buff and go limp as over-cooked spaghetti, or the woman will give G, such a good time that he'll never be satisfied with just me again. Or maybe she will touch me and I'll freeze up like an idiot even though I'm kind of hoping that it happens. I am such a boob sometimes! LOL I told G. about these feelings and he just laughed and assured me that any man in his right mind would want to make love to me, and no other woman will even begin to replace me in any way at all. This is just for fun and to open our minds to new experiences and pleasures. I know he's right but I can't help feeling a little insecure at times.

I tried to turn the tables on him by asking him how HE would feel if the woman was more interested in me than in him. Or maybe both the husband and wife were more interested in fondling the bod of the fabulous Mrs.S and chose to ignore his magic wand entirely. This didn't work as he got a gleam in his eye and said something like "then I'll just whack off watching my baby get ravished". I then asked him what he would do if during the middle of this group grope, the other guy grabbed hold of HIS equipment, and began to caress or even suck it. G. thought about that for a couple of minutes and then told me that he really didn't know how he would react. He thought that he might be turned off and lose his erection or maybe he'ld be ok with it and let it happen. No prior experience to go by. He said that he doubted that he could reciprocate the attention but might be alright with letting the guy get him off. So I asked him what if the guy wanted to stick it in his butt. Lots of gay guys and lots of heterosexual women do it and seem to enjoy it. G. was starting to squirm a bit by this time so I didn't really try to nail down an answer from him. Like he said, he didn't really know. Couldn't deny that maybe it felt really good.

For the record, your humble author has not, despite a fair number of sexual partners in the 16 years that I've been having ahh..."sexual relations" with members (literally) of the male sex, had actual anal sex..penetration with a hard male member. (oh my god I just realized I've passed the point where I've been having sex for more than half of the years of my life...16..arghhh...I'm getting sooooooo old!)
Sorry...just a moment to compose myself. There that's better. On three occaisions that I can recall (and maybe more that too many drinks kept me from remembering) I have attempted to have anal sex. The first time, the guy just came the minute he began trying to put it in. The one time G. and I tried it, we just couldn't get it in. I'm sure that I wasn't squeezing my cheeks right or some stupid thing. Anyways, we just gave up and moved on. The other time was with this guy in school who sort of forced me to sleep with him. It was sort of my fault because I had wanted to go out with him mostly 'cause my friends kept telling me how he had this huge dick. Guys called him "fire hose" 'cause thats what it looked like hanging down in the shower. I was in my first real nympho phase at that point and just had to check this out. Turns out that the chemistry with this jerk was so bad that by the time we had driven to a favorite parking spot out of town, I just wanted to go home. He on the other hand wanted to show me his well renowned dick and then stick it in a nice warm wet place most likely located between my legs. We wrestled a little, but to be honest I felt guilty for making it clear earlier, that I was hoping to see why all the other girls liked him so much. We were also a several mile walk back to town and I was sure that I would be by some psycho. I figured this was the best of some bad choices so I pretty much just laid there and let him do his thing. His dick was certainly bigger than the other guys I'ld gotten intimate with, but like most advertising it wasn't anything that great. I've been fortunate to become acquainted with some larger specimens in the years since. Anyways, at one point he was behind me and my head was being banged into the door handle as he was reaming my poor little pussy and he tried to stick it in the "back door". He managed to actually get part of it in I think, but it hurt so much that I convinced him that I had a better idea and proceeded to suck him off. So....anal sex is still something that I may or may not someday try again. Anyone have thoughts or suggestions on the matter? Well, gotta get dinner going. Thanks for listening. L.

youngfuck040 30M

3/2/2005 8:26 pm

Hey I loved all your stories and I would like to hear in detail about all your firsts.Im sorry you fell unappreacited comment wise and stuff.You are too good looking to let stuff like that bother you lol.ok bye

herhimher2005 45M/106F

3/3/2005 7:27 am

Sorry about all the snow and ice. 60 degrees here today! I'm all up on the cabana boys though!
I hope the nervousness is replaced by anticipation about meeting the other couple. They no doubt will click with you and G. Two beautifule people-you are. The question is will you and G find them as attractive as they find you? Collin Ferrel and Paris Hilton could show up to meet you and they would still be the second couple! Hubby and I had the same talk as you and G about what if,funny, I got about the same responses!The anal sex thing-I have to be in the mood, a couple of stiff drinks are involved. You can't let him just dive in-fingers or a vibrating egg are great for relaxing everything-slowly! Finaly, have some ANALEZE available from adam&eve,wonderful stuff! You avoid the pain and get right to the pleasure. Admittedly haven't done it very often,but enjoyed when I did the right way! My first experiences were very similar to yours. My advice-don't miss out on it-just have G use a little patience and the right tools for the job. Hope this helps! As always-love your writings-getting to be the best part of our AdultFriendFinder experience. You go girl! Hey ask G if it is Collin Ferrell what would he do then! How about you if it were to be our sweet and innocent Paris? Can't wait to hear. Till next time!
the her of herhimher2005

WestBurbGuy2 62M

3/3/2005 8:51 am

ditto from chicago

lookin4some1105 46M
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3/3/2005 11:15 am

Nice story. If I could be so bold as to give a bit of advice when you do try anal again you might want to remember a couple of things. First of all use lots of lube, and secondly have him take it slow at first, that usually are the two biggest stumbling blocks. Hope that helps ya.

rm_heyjay4two0 44M
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3/3/2005 2:25 pm

RELAX. You are a beautiful and intelligent woman,who has a great open and honest relationship with her husband . I think the other couple should be nervous , you have it all going for you. As far as the anal goes relax. I like to give a sensual massage using oil.It seems to help loosen my partner to the point when she is ready. Good luck with your date.

rm_maximus4vr2 55M

3/3/2005 4:31 pm

thanks! Im trying to navigate myself thru this site..I really like your writing so I can learn about others experiances.I hope to have some to share soon...Maximus4vr2

Elysium7 52M/44F

3/3/2005 7:49 pm

Thanks everyone for your support!
"Nervous Nelly"

theperfectslut 54M/44F

3/3/2005 9:47 pm

Well, surprisingly, Seattle is quite pleasant right now. Usually cold and grey... Kinda condusive to perversions

Anyways, Keep warm and I hope you click with your couple. It doesn't always happen, of course, but with your personality and sense of humour I cant see it not.

Oh and if your ever in Pacific Northwest way. I would be HAPPY to share my Daddy with you!

djkozzmx 42M

3/4/2005 10:34 am

Well... About the wheather stuff. I live in the eternal spring city! CUERNAVACA!!! Always sunny and fresh wind. Always a good time to get nacked on the pool Specially with a beautiful woman Saludos desde Mexico!!!

mnfun952 102M

3/4/2005 2:54 pm

Enjoy your weekend! and congratulations on becomming one of the most popular Blogs.... nice going. Anal sex can definitely be tricky (see my earlier posting on my blog) and you can't always make it work. You have to VERY relaxed (wine helps) and you definitely have to take your time and go slow. But hey, maybe you want to get a strap-on and try nailing G. that way he WOULD have some basis to react to the 'maybe' of having the guy of this other couple want to (in your words) stick it in his butt. Take it easy,


rm_bluegenes51 56M
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3/6/2005 5:42 am

Lots of lube, as mentioned above. Relax, as mentioned above..I find that making the woman cum first is a better relaxer than wine. Give your muscles time to relax..you are obviously apprehensive about it..a finger or a butt plug are good for getting your sphincter muscles to start to relax..remember...they(muscles) were designed to keep things out.

LickMe5X 52F
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4/24/2005 6:45 am

Hey...BG...why didn't you tell me aboutthese blog things... and NO..I do not want to try anal, TYVM

rm_bluegenes51 56M
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4/24/2005 11:27 am

Hi LM5X... Hey..want to try to have a group floating party on my boat...sleeps 6..8 if they are REALLY close (LO and I moor the boat on Lake Champlain..

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