Is a sneeze a nasal orgasm?  

Elysium7 52M/44F
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4/15/2005 12:55 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Is a sneeze a nasal orgasm?

What? Nearly a week and no babbling from the blonde nympho sex fiend? Has her husband's attempt at blogging scared her away? No such luck! Your faithful heroine has a head cold that has dragged on all freaking week! I feel crappy and sex is about the farthest thing from my mind (Not to mention the other parts that are still tender from the workout they so enthusiastically received while being literally manhandled and manpoked at the party a couple of weeks ago). Seriously, this orgy stuff can take a toll on ya. I was a little sore from all that delicious friction that four horny men can generate. My breasts and especially my nipples were sore from all the attention they received, and I had hickeys or nibble marks or whatever on my butt, the back and inside of my thighs, and a few other spots that I didn't realize had been nibbled on! Maybe I should have gotten into this multiple partner thing when I was younger and in better shape. You know, when I was in the "adult" section of the video store a while back I noticed several videos where one woman was being gangbanged by like dozens of guys. Is this real? How can someone do that? Wouldn't that start being pretty uncomfortable after like, ten guys? I mean really. Do you start with the smallest guy and work your way up, or get the big ones out of the way first? And how does a guy stay hard while waiting in line? Does the woman bring a book to read or just catch a few winks of sleep between guys number 12 and number 43 or what? The summer before my last year of high school, I used to sneak out of the house and spend most of the night with this guy I was seeing. He had a tent put up down near the edge of his parents property. We'ld get naked and cuddle up in a sleeping bag. The point of this little recollection is that at least a couple of times, I woke up and he was already "balls deep" inside of me and having a grand old time. Once it was his coming in me that actually woke me up! I'm a sound sleeper. Especially if I've had a few beers first! For all that I know, he could have invited his friends over and charged them ten bucks a pop to diddle his "girlfriend" while she slept. Guess that would have been ok if he shared the profits with his "employee" LOL! OK the cold medicine is making me even goofier than usual. I'm going back to bed. Maybe I'ld better lock the door! L.

Sweetypidreams2 56M
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4/15/2005 7:54 pm

welcome back!! can we wait for more?? Hope your feeling better cause we were worried you had had enough! we're cool and just hanging. talk to you soon,xoxxxx

Sweetypidreams2 56M
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4/15/2005 8:38 pm

o.k.. I got offline and then remembered seeing a Howard Stern show probably two years ago and they had on this gal that was about to take on like two hundred guys. She said, when the question came up," that they had women on the sidelines getting these guys hard before they had to perform. Can you imagine that job? , or how about poor number 58., or the fucking towel guy! There I go again thinking of the underdog. lol, see ya Lisa,xxoxoox

mnfun952 102M

4/16/2005 8:33 am

Lisa... a sneeze is actually a Snorgasm.

Just remember, masturbation is good for the immune system - even if you aren't feeling sexy - it's like taking your medicine.

Get Well


mnfun952 102M

4/16/2005 8:33 am

PS - I haven't seen you comment on anyone's blog for a very long time... Then again, it seems as though you've been a 'busy beaver'.

EMSqueen 40F

4/18/2005 5:13 am

I was just going to say what Sweety up there said!!! The record, if I remember correctly, now lies w/ Houston who did the "Houston 500." Could you imagine, that many men in one day!?!?!? UGH!!! The one who had the title before her, and probably who Sweety is talking about, is Jasmine St. Claire (sp?). He is correct, though, they have "fluffers" on the sidelines keeping the guys ready to go w/ a little oral action.

montcouple100 44M/F
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4/18/2005 2:32 pm

You are sore because in the heat of the moment,everyone was getting carried away enjoying themselves for one purpose: pleasure!!!
The women doing gangbangs are in it for the money, and not the pleasure.Besides, they must be high on something to numb themselves physically and mentally. Hope you get better soon....

LickMe5X 52F
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4/24/2005 6:22 am

.. I used to LOVE it when hubby "woke me with a pokee" It is ,unfortunately, a didtant memory

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