Hotter and Hotter  

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4/7/2005 1:55 pm

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Hotter and Hotter

Boy will I be glad when some warm weather finally arrives. Saw some Robins at my bird feeder today, and most of the snow around the house has finally melted, so I guess there’s hope. I couldn’t live in a place where there isn’t the “change of seasons”, but jeezum crow the winters seem to last longer every year. It wasn’t so bad back when I used to go skiing, but now I just shovel out the car, slip and slide my way out to the mailbox, and spend half an hour getting my little one’s bundled up. (No, not my breasts, my kids! LO I can claim the distinction of having had sex in a gondola at a ski area. It’s not easy getting through half a dozen layers of clothing!

To finish my story about last weekend, I think I left off where everyone was just hanging out and recovering from our little ghostie game. We were all wearing these super soft, white, shorty bathrobes that Kara has a bunch of, sipping some drinks and listening to tunes. I was sitting/lying on this bean bag chair thingee, G, (his name is Gary, but I just call him G most of the time, don’t ask me why) was sitting on a sofa right behind me next to Missy and JJ, while Kara and Bill, and Karen and Peter were sitting on this love seat kind of thing, with the girls sitting on the guys laps. It must have been a half an hour or forty minutes or something since the “climax” of our previous adventure, when Kara grabbed Karen’s hand and the two of them got up and started dancing together. It was a slow dance kind of thing and before you could say “holy lesbian”, they had dropped their robes and were kissing and touching and rubbing each other. As you can imagine this got everyone’s attention pretty quickly. I knew that Kara was bi, but it still caught me by surprise I guess. Hearing about stuff like this and actually seeing it happen in front of you are two very different things. When Karen held up her double D’s and Kara bent her head and started licking her nipples, my “sex motor” started running again for sure! Pretty soon they dropped down to the carpet and with Kara on the bottom, they moved into a 69 position. I’ve seen girls doing girls in movies, and like I have mentioned before, I have had one same-sex experience myself, but watching these two very attractive women going down on each was mind blowing! Because of the angle from which I was watching this, I could see what Kara was doing to Karen (who was on top) much better, and judging from how much Karen’s big round bottom was wiggling and jiggling around, it must have felt as good as it looked.

My eyes were pretty much glued to the K&K show, but eventually I looked up at Peter and Bill sitting next to each other on the love seat and they were stroking their very hard cocks watching the action on the floor. Or to be more specific, they were stroking each other’s cocks. This pretty much blew my mind. I’ve seen lots of things, but this was a first. They looked like a couple of guys watching a football game, just casually jerking each other off. I wondered if they were going to go down on each other like their wives were, but my thoughts were interrupted by JJ, who moved down next to me, untied my robe, and started nibbling on my nipples. Thank goodness, he must have worked out his aggression during the ghost game, ‘cause he was being much less rough than before. I looked back up at G, and he and Missy were all over each other on the sofa, so I grabbed JJ’s cock and started stroking him with nice slow strokes. JJ wasn’t a really big guy, but he was firm and muscular, and I really loved touching him. I turned toward him and we kissed some while groping and feeling each other. His butt was sooooo sweet. yum yum! I needed a man inside me right then, so I pulled him on top of me, wrapped my legs around him, and we started fucking to beat the band. I guess its safe to say that at this point any inhibitions that I might have had at the start of the evening were long gone. The fact that I was ten years older than JJ didn’t matter a bit.

Though I was busy enjoying the feeling of having an enthusiastic young man poking my insides, movement in the room caught my eye, and I saw Bill get up from the love seat, move over behind Karen (who was pushing her pussy down on Kara’s mouth), and watched him kneel down and push his long dong (sorry, can’t resist a good rhyme) down where his wife was slurping away at Karen. I’m not sure if he put it in Kara’s mouth at first, or went directly inside Karen, but pretty soon he was definitely fucking her from behind. You could see his balls sliding back and forth across Kara’s face and hair and between the two of them, they had Karen practically screaming and coming and I was afraid that poor Kara was going to be smothered! At the same time, Peter had walked over to the sofa where G and Missy were playing. I twisted my head around to see what was happening with my dear ol’ hubby and he was lying on his back on the sofa with Missy riding up and down on that Popsicle that I love so well. She looked so young and small, but the expression on her face as G’s hard-on plunged in and out of her was definitely not “innocent”! It honest to god looked like her insides were being pulled out every time she rose up. G is pretty thick around and her pussy definitely didn’t want to let go when he slid it most of the way out. G’s hands were holding tight to her little buns and every time he would pull her back down onto him she groaned this really loud “Ohhhh” sound. Peter put a stop to Missy’s groaning by climbing up on the sofa and sticking his very impressive cock (as opposed to his less than impressive other body parts…be nice Lisa!) into her mouth. He grabbed her head and literally fucked her mouth while G was fucking her little perky pussy. I could only imagine how much her lips much have had to stretch to fit Peter in. Got to give her credit though, she took it like a trooper, and with more talent than I care to admit.

JJ and I rolled over so that I could be on top and I did my best to give him something he’ld remember when he’s off playing grease-monkey over seas. We all just “banged away” until Peter came first in Missy’s sweet little mouth. Then like a damn bursting, G grabbed Missy’s hips and pulled her down tight against him and came inside her, Bill pulled out of Karen and came all over Kara’s face, and JJ started thrusting into me so that I could tell he was close too. I’m on the pill, but I still didn’t want him to come inside of me, so I slid down and took him in my mouth and “bang” I was swallowing a load of the saltiest tasting stuff I’d encountered in some time. (All guys “juice” tastes just a little different I think. I’ve heard that diet can make a difference. Come isn’t the greatest tasting stuff under any circumstances, but some is better than others.) I didn’t come myself this time, but that was ok, it still felt terrific. I don’t know if Missy came, G says he thinks that she did (maybe its just his ego LO, but I’m pretty sure that Kara and Karen got each other off.

Well, I’ld explain all the details of the aftermath of this little party, but who really cares right? We had a fantastic time and I’m hooked. Life is too damn short to pass up opportunities to have fun, so G and I are going to make the most of the situation and just fuck ourselves silly. At least until the kids are older and we can’t get away with this any longer. LOL I don’t know what or when our next adventure will be. I hope we get together with Kara and Bill again. The other people were ok, and I guess that we would party with any of them, but it’s Kara that I especially feel close to after the past couple of weeks. Ok, you’re probably wondering, does that mean that I want to try the “bi” thing with her? Well…..maybe…just maybe. Stay tuned blog world. Pandora’s (Lisa’s?) Box has been opened!

zenyen 65M

4/7/2005 2:58 pm

Sounds like it was a very HOT evening! Sex in a gondola at a ski resort; I'll have to give you an A+ for effort. I have enough trouble finding myself through all those layers .

poohbare61 55F

4/7/2005 5:54 pm

mmmm, wonderful, envious, me? Yes, sounds like my kind of fun,I love your blogs, Thank you.

Tala4u2 54M  
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4/7/2005 8:23 pm

I'd look at your blog just because of that beautiful pic you have on it. The tales just give it a really great insight to that smiling face.

Tala, Wizard of The Kingdom of BooBoBia, DEITY,

rm_mooncrip518 52M/49F
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4/7/2005 10:22 pm

"Lisa"?-Love your blogs.I ran into your post prior to your wonderful weekend.Unfurtunately, my wife didn't make a note of your handle, so i had to hunt it down and it was tuesday before i finally got to hear the rest of the story.-wow! what an experience.
I have gone back and read your other posts, and I really enjoy your writings.They are very interesting, as well as entertaining. (You are so real). Ilove your sense of humor.Enjoy life and keep us posted.I will keep my eye on you-uh your blog that is. DEN

Sweetypidreams2 56M
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4/7/2005 10:51 pm

if your really interested in a beautiful hot bisexual chick and a handsome man you really should get a hold(maybe a pun), of the two of us for some fun. we have chidren also and still have fun in vermont. we can send ,you two, a photo or two ,xox write us

multiO4Uno5 62M
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4/8/2005 6:41 am

if your sexual adventures are half as good as your play-by-play descriptions, then wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

rm_sheree73 43F
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4/8/2005 8:12 pm it wrong to play with yourself while reading blogs?? lol whew are definitely good with your words!!!! I'd have to agree with multiO there...major WOW! I'm asking that you put all your experiences in a book and publish it....i'd be the first in line to buy it. LOL Sweets, You know i'm a fan of your blog. Keep typing and at LEAST get G on here to say hi. *smirks* Have a great weekend!

LickMe5X 52F
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4/24/2005 6:32 am

GOD...I love this blog...wish I had found it sooner.. Thanx for sharing your adventures..they are HOT!!!

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