And the award for most embarrasing moment goes to...  

Elysium7 52M/44F
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2/28/2005 12:48 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

And the award for most embarrasing moment goes to...

Kidlings are busy with tv and hot cocoa so I have a minute to myself YAY! So, as I mentioned in my last exciting (ha!)blog, I was riding in the car and my thoughts went from the gorgeous and multi-talented Paris Hilton to embarrasing moments. So for your consideration I present the following humiliating event.
During the spring of my junior year, I was in an afternoon gym (oh excuse me...Physical Education) class and my "boyfriend-of-the-week" was in the boys class during that same period. Though the classes were usually separate (darn...showers would have been a lot more fun)there were some activities that we did together. One of these was archery, and it required us to troop out behind the school and try to hit targets without killing any fellow students or nearby residents.
This one time this guy and I snuck away and ended up back in the empty gymnasium where we slipped into a little alleyway created by the folding up of the bleachers. We spent the next few minutes blissfully tongue wrestling, and groping each other with youthful enthusiasm. God I do so miss that. (sigh) Anyways,this hormone elevating experience came to a crashing halt when your brave and (at that point still technically)virginal heroine felt something very much like the sting of a huge angry wasp on the right cheek of her cute little tush. This nasty pain was followed almost immediately by the sound of a loud "crack!". This was especially painful, as my ugly green gym shorts and (less ugly) panties were at that moment bunched up around my knees. It was also painful for my "date" as his fingers had been exploring that particular portion of my anatomy at that precise time. This left me hopping and stumbling around trying to pull up my shorts with one hand while I rubbed my butt with the other, and in the end I ended up tripping and landing on my back on the floor with my legs straight up in the air making a "V" for victory sign with my shorts etc now dangling from near my ankles. My boyfriend was also stumbling around trying to shake the sting out of his fingers and simultaneously hide his long pink hard-on which was sticking up out of the waist-band of his shorts like the periscope of a very horny submarine. The cause of this tragic event was our discovery by the assistant phys ed teacher-a guy in college doing his internship at our school, and three of my classmates who had come back in with him to pick up some extra equipment or something. He had wacked my poor little butt with the end of a wet towel. Oh son of a bitch did it sting. Left a mark for days. This was nothing compared to the fact that all these people (the teacher, two geeky guys who I would never have looked at much less exposed my private parts to, and a girl who I believe today lives an "alternative" lifestyle)had a wonderful view of my naked behind (being well-groped as they arrived)and when I stumbled around and fell down, they had a nice long clear look at my peach fuzz as well. They also would have seen the business portion of my date's parts as well, though when I looked up at them,their eyes were glued to a spot directly between my legs. I can imagine that I provided plenty of masturbation material for all three kids for the next few nights! The teacher was pretty good looking, I'ld have been willing to lend a hand if he'ld asked. lol Thank god no one had cell phones with cameras back in those days. My genitalia would have been spread far and wide across the internet. Hmmmm wait a minute isn't that what I've done now? Oh well, I would have been "jail bait" then. Sooooo after he stopped laughing, the teacher shooed the other kids away, reamed my guy and I out for being horny idiots, and fortunately for us didn't tell anyone else about this. The other kids of course made sure that everyone in the school knew what had happened. I bet my butt got slapped by everything from hands to rubber bands about fifty times a day for the rest of the school year. Oddly enough, my partner in crime seemed mostly to see his social standing go up a notch or two. Life sure isn't fair sometimes!
Well, if you have an embarrasing sexual incident that can top this, I'ld sure like to hear it.
Until later faithful bloggers....L.

rm_sheree73 43F
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3/1/2005 7:57 pm

Ok, I'm tryin to catch my breath here. You both have me rolling. I wish I had an embarrasing situation to share but at the moment I cant stop being tickled by these two stories to think of one..hahahaa! Kudos to you both! Those were good ones! Thank you for being able to share them. You both rock!

popcorn224 57M
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3/2/2005 1:22 am

Great stories

mygmyg 59M

3/2/2005 11:42 am

Elysium7, got one for you.
When I was 22, I was assistant mgr of a nightclub in lubbock tx, mostly live blues bands on weekends, ladies nights and such during the week. One of the owners would always arrive about 45 min. before closing with his gals for late night fun after closing. Drinks, pool, hanging out talking. I was quite enamored with a nurse who was a regular weekday visitor. We had started enjoying the wonderful groping you discussed in the DJ booth that separated the music room from the gaming area.
She was about 7 or 8 yrs. older and we would really get each other going with our petting, kissing, grinding, all with clothes on. That would be as far as it would go, alas, the owner would gather up his gal pals about 45 min after closing and they would go back to his place. She was one of his regular friends, and he enjoyed the idea of me "warming her up" , never said to leave her alone, just would knock on the open door and say, "it's time to go." and she would give me a look and smile and take off.
The rest of my co-workers would routinely give me a bit of grief and all things considered I enjoyed the whole routine.
then one night, for whatever reason, owner left without her, and we went back to my place after I quickly "shooed" everone out, and locked up. After a bit of groping, removal of clothes, I was voraciously enjoying orally pleasuring her. We were going at it pretty wildly, her thrashing around, me with one arm around her leg, across her belly, attempting to hold her in place. So she is bucking her hips, I am trying to dive deeper, She is on the edge.....
BAM, the phone rings right by the bed, she lurched forward even harder with startling force, knocking me clean off of her and onto the floor.
I was dazed, confused, startled and the phone was ringing loudly. She was up on her elbows looking between her legs down at me on the floor. I answered the phone, alarm company from up at work, alarm is activated need you to meet the police.
"Yeah , yeah, I'll be right there" I said running my hand across my face and through my hair. I hung up the phone, and realized my nose hurt . I rubbed it with the same hand and realized there was some blood on it. My nose was bleeding. Sat down on the bed and looked over at the source of my desire and now pain. She laughed sheepishly and moved to examine me, i laughed and shook my head.
Well the next A.M. was weekly Mgr. meeting w/owners. I show up with some sun glasses on, the owners were sitting with cheshire cat grins, all in on the "left her with...." expecting to give me a bit of razzing, hear a war story...etc. Well I lift the sun glasses, both eyes a bit black, and they explode in laughter, They knew what happened, she had called to make sure I was OKAY.
And boy did I catch it for about 2 weeks, as my injury became quite the bit of fun for the guys at work. Ex. of this... the following friday all the bartenders and the band on stage suddenly stop everything they're doing, turn their backs to the crowd/customers and turn back around with bandages taped to their noses. And then the lead singer of the band warned " guys, "safe sex" is something we all need to be concerned with!!!!!"
for a more detailed sexplanation the story is in the erotic portion of the mag section.

herhimher2005 45M/106F

3/2/2005 1:32 pm

We just thought we had some embarassing things happen to us. You know, the basic sheriff deputy pulls up behind you and spotlights your bare ass thru the back glass of the car thing,everybody down south has had that happen as a teenager.How about the night I got cold while we were doing it in his 66 Mustang and he cranked it up and turned the heater on. In the excitement of the moment someones foot hit the tunnel mounted shifter and put the little stang in reverse. 20 feet later,introduction to Mr Oak Tree. $1800 worth! He had a hard time explaining that to the folks. But nothing to top the great stories above! Elysium, you are a great story teller and outstanding writer. Please keep it up! We love your blog. One final note,We have finaly made a connection and are going to meet a young lady ourselves!woohoo! I know what you mean when you say it feels like dating as a teenager all over again.Aren't we supposed to be adults completely comfortable in our own skin and sexuality? Best of luck with your meet and greet and we hope you and yours find exactly what your after. We hope it is great!

Elysium7 52M/44F

3/2/2005 3:10 pm

Great stories...more MORE!

BlueEight 59M
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3/4/2005 6:12 am

Ok, you want to hear embarrassing? This was the worst day of my life.
This right from the world of AdultFriendFinder and it happened about 2 weeks ago. I had been chatting with this girl, whose handle I don’t think I should use, but I think I will anyway, PurePleasurersxx. Anyway we had agreed to meet and off I go. I stop at the drug store to pick up some fresh Trojans, just incase mind you. I arrive on time and she is ready and everything is perfect. And yes she really did look like her pictures. So we start talking and then have a glass of wine or two, then some how we find the bedroom and not to bore you with the nasty, boring little details, she unbuckles my pants and pulls me out and gives me one of the best renditions of oral sex that I have ever had. She stops before I cum, and naturally I feel I need to do the same for her. So I lay her back and pull down her panties, and there before me is the finest, fully shaved pussy I have had in a long time. So I go about pleasuring her and she is getting really worked up, wet and almost out of control. Finally she says she cannot take it any more and I she wants me to ‘do it’, reluctantly I agree. I start to get up so I can get a Trojan, which I have in my pants pocket that is now laying on the floor. She stops me saying here, I have one, and tosses one at me from here night stand. I rip it open and she takes it and slips it on me, we roll over and I slip it inside her. Well something strange is happening, I am not sure what it is, but my dick feels funny, I am mentally blaming on the condom, being it may not be the ultra thin, but then it happens, My dick falls out of her and when I look down at it it is just hanging on half mast. Now I am really upset, yes this happens, but to me? I try to get him up but no luck, he just hangs there. She grabs it and starts to play with it and sure enough it starts to grow a little, then she pulls off the condom, and sticks it in her mouth. In a couple of seconds she spits and say yuck, with a foul taste in her mouth. And goes what’s this, I reach over to the condom wrapper and reading the label, it say “EXTENDED PLEASURE” It had a numbing agent it, and it took all the feels out of my dick. Needless to say it ruined the night, something’s you just cannot recover from. So the moral of this story is “Always Read The Label”|!

StoonSummerFun 50M

4/12/2005 9:15 pm

On long overnight flight, during the movie, my GF & I started playing under a blanket during the movie, the flight was full...I was on the aisle, she was in a middle seat, and there was a lady next to her...

Shortening to get to the embarrasing moment, she came all over my fingers under the blanket with my hand inside her jeans (having to be quiet!)...

We got up one by one and met in a bathroom at the back of the plane (always wipe downn the seat and sink top on planes).

I dropped my pants and she her jeans, turned around and sat on me...going at it pretty hard, she braced herself on the wall and on the side of the sink/counter...BUT pressed the "Call" button!!

Not realising, while bouncing her up and down on me there was a knock on the door...a muffled 'everything is OK' while resetting the "Call" button...

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