Ahh...that explains it (part ll)  

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3/10/2005 1:11 pm

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Ahh...that explains it (part ll)

Now we pick up the adventures of your plucky heroine, last seen sitting drunk and naked in a hot tub flanked by her 18 yr. old "newlywed" hubby and a naked almost a stranger older man watching a pair of budding porn stars moving their kissing and groping into the X-rated area.
We sat there for some time just relaxing and drinking and watching and listening to "Adam and Eve" make out. It became rather obvious that Eve was doing more than just sitting on Adam's lap. The rhythmic waves slapping our side of the tub were a dead giveaway that they were now actually fucking. Now I don't know about anyone else, but having an atractive couple making love a couple of feet from me makes me just a little bit horny.
Oblivious to the guy sitting next to me ("Poppy")Jeff leaned over and started kissing me again. We french kissed and groped a little and I discovered that he had a nice little hard-on hiding under the water. After having been taught what to do with one of those four or five years earlier, I automatically began stroking him off.

Well, I was starting to get pretty tingly and squirmy down between my legs, and didn't mind in the least when Jeff put his hand down there and began to rub the places that seriously needed rubbing! Again, totally oblivious to Poppy I spread my legs nice and wide so that Jeff's fingers could do what they were so good at doing. (I would bet that from above I must have looked like one of those frogs that are spread eagled for dissection in a high school bio class.) In doing this "spread", however, my leg slid up and onto Poppy's legs (He had snuggled over right next to me...dirty old man!). Before I could disengage my tonsils from Jeff's tongue to say "excuse me", I felt Poppy reach down grab hold of my leg/thigh and pull my leg even further up toward his lap. He might have "scrunched" down a little at the same time, but the end result was that my leg was now resting on top of the biggest erection I'ld (at that tender age)ever had the pleasure of becoming acquainted with. And to top it off, Poppy began rubbing up and down against my leg.

I know that I probably should have stopped kissing Jeff and said something, or tried to pull my leg away or whatever, but I was so into what was happening with Jeff and watching (listening more I think)to Eve riding Adam's dick, and so afraid that I'ld do something that would upset the mood and get us kicked out, that instead I just kind of reached over with my free hand to do something...tap him, push his hand away from my leg, I don't know. In any event, he grabbed my hand and wrapped it around the fattest penis I've ever felt. I remember thinking that this can't be real and that my fingers couldn't even reach all the way around it. He began moving my hand up and down and I just gave in and went along with it. For the first and only time in my life (so far!) I actually had a dick in each hand. Talk about feeling sexy and powerful! Add to this the sex show in front of me (If it only had stopped snowing the view would have been much better.)and the fact that Jeff's fingers were bringing me close to an orgasm, and I was in seventh heaven!

Before I could come, however, Jeff decided that he wanted me to go down on him. He slid partway up out of the tub, enough that his dick was sticking up out of the water like a horny periscope, and pulled me over so that my head was in his lap. At first I was kind of pissed 'cause I was so close and it meant that I had to let go of Poppy's monster piece of meat...something that I was beginning to enjoy holding and touching. In the end, however, I gave in like usual and took Jeff in my mouth and started working him over. After a minute or two I felt Poppy slide over next to me so that we were kind of cuddling "spoon" fashion with his big hard-on rubbing against my bottom. He then slid down and moved his dick so that it was rubbing between my legs and actually rubbing the outside of my very well stimulated pussy. Have to admit that it was very sexy and felt really nice. I guess that the fact that I didn't pull away and in fact was actively pushing and rubbing my tender parts against his hard-on encouraged him to go "all the way" and he reached down and pushed the big head of his dick into my very very well lubricated pussy. Blame it on youthful lust, too much champagne, the overwhelmingly sexy atmosphere in the tub or whatever, but I never even thought of resisting or saying no. I also didn't think that Jeff knew what was happening between Poppy and I, but later (during our unpleasant break up)found out that he was quite aware that I was being "ravished".

Thank god that I am naturally very well "lubricated" or Poppy's piece would never have fit into me without pain. He very slowly pushed it in and I pushed back against him and before you could say "Holy father figure" he was buried in me up to the "short hairs". It was incredibly sexy...intense...I had never (and seldom since) felt as totally "filled up" as I did that night. He didn't really pull it out or push it in. We sort of just pushed and wiggled against each other. Every part of me, from the deepest point inside to the really sensitive area around my "little love button" was being stimulated. With all the digital warm up by Jeff, the mental stimulation of what was an incredibly sexy...almost "forbidden" situation, and Poppys amazing manhood reaming out my insides, I did something that I seldom have done in my long and enthusiastic sex life, I came while being "penetrated". I guess that this caused me to be a little more energetic with Jeff's much smaller but equally hard dick (He was just laying back with his eyes closed enjoying what I was doing to him with my mouth.)'cause before I had even completely come down from my orgasm, he started to squirt into my mouth and my hair and shoulder and maybe even a shot or two onto Poppy behind me. Poppy must have either gotten off on watching this or the fact that he was inside an eighteen year old "woman-child" for the first time in twenty five years (and probably the last time in his life), finally caught up to him because I finally felt him pull it almost all of the way out and then give it one long shove deep inside and come. Sometimes I can feel a guy come inside me and sometimes I can't. With Poppy I most definitely could feel it. Thank goodness that he did as I don't think that I could have pretended that nothing was happening for very long after Jeff finished.

Well, Jeff slid back down into the hot water and Poppy very gently pulled his monster out of me. I splashed some water on my face to wash the sticky stuff off and Poppy slid back away from me, though not before reaching down and feeling up my ass and everything between my legs, including putting a couple of fingers inside just for good measure. Adam and Eve had apparently finished while we were lustfully preoccupied and were sitting there laughing at us. After we passed the dregs of the champagne around, Poppy climbed out (My first good look at his equipment..I couldn't believe that even hanging down semi-hard that I had actually had that inside me.)and a few minutes later the rest of us followed. All weekend long, every time that I saw Poppy he gave me an evil grin and a big wink. I'm sure that "nailing" a little blonde nymphette was great for his ego. I hope that it inspired him to give a little of his "talent" to his poor wife. I never saw much of any of these people after the wedding.

So, I was left feeling a little guilty about what had happened, but more so feeling incredibly turned on. Memories of this have provide some very satisfying self-induced orgasms over the past 14 years. I guess that trying to recapture that feeling...that pure passion...that pushing the envelope is why I'm here at this site and planning the kind of adventures that G. and I are planning.

This was a lot of typing to get censored. Sure hope it doesn't. Later Bloggers! L.

SigEp4U 42M

3/10/2005 1:55 pm

Damn hot story... thanx for sharing...

Sig... stops and looks around to see if anyone has been watching him grabbing his crotch while he read Elysium's story... nope wasn't that obvious... lol

Have a good day...


rm_bluegenes51 56M
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3/10/2005 2:16 pm

..Glad I read it B4 (if) it gets deleted..glad that Poppy got to pop..glad you got off...glad I ordered a hot tub...well I have been thinking about it..OK..had not actually thought about it 'til I read your blog..better late than never

herhimher2005 45M/106F

3/10/2005 2:25 pm

All hail the queen! You go girl! Somewhere sometime out there, we all had a turning point that led us to where we are sexually. You however may have had a few. Love the coach and towel thing! Simply wonderful-let the Mr and Mrs censor know-you censor the queen and you will have a revolt on your hands! We will all move to e-harmony!(LO All the good folks here and the Mr and Mrs Elysium7 have a wonderful night!

Nakedlovers69 57M/38F

3/10/2005 2:26 pm


mygmyg 59M

3/10/2005 4:01 pm

Elysium, thank goodness your posts finally passed through the Smoron Censors cubicle. Probably running to the other cubicle and reading outloud to each other. "Wow"-ing it up, pervin' your profile, until they saw the "what the...." post!
Enjoyed every detail of your two handed revelation, and was probably almost as surprised as "Poppy" at the openess with which you accepted him. Probably still sleeps with a cheshire grin that his wife wonders, "Was it the pot roast or....?", As she struggles to gather the lost covers from the tent pole that visits their bed almost nightly.
Elysium, a huge relieved sigh out here in blogger view land, as it appears one of our FAVS is going to continue to feed the monster we have become.
Look forward to what is over the horizon, or across te steamy waters of the hot tub!!

Jerosd 47M

3/11/2005 6:37 am

k...that does it...after reading one hot story after another about a hottub (this being one of the hottest) i def. feel the need to go out and buy myself one of these....mmmmmmmmmmm

sportyfun56 106M

3/11/2005 1:20 pm

Well E-babe,
I'm a new poster on your blog but I've been keeping up with it for a while. So let me just add that I'm also happy that you dodged the Censor sweep on these last two. I surely do appreciate the lovely picture you paint for us in text. I'll definitely put you on my "must monitor" list. Do keep up the very good work hun. And btw, let me add, you're a real cutie aren't you...

from a new distant admirer,

Elysium7 52M/44F

3/11/2005 2:49 pm

Maybe I've finally figured out the rules. Just stick to sex and more sex! LOL Thanks for everyone's positive comments. I can't believe that people actually even read, much less like, my silly bloggings. XXXOOO L.

rm_sheree73 43F
45 posts
3/12/2005 9:07 am

Elysium....girllllllll WOW! My chair is now soaking wet thanks to you and your sharing. mmMMmms! Speechless here and thats very rare for me. I think all of us that read your story was doing a little touching or squirming. Thanks for sharing and God knows i cant wait to read your next blog! *Grins*

Your Rock GF!

MarkBVT 38M
2 posts
3/12/2005 1:32 pm

Elysium -- What a sizzling post! I would've loved to be Poppy -- I bet he was in heaven the entire weekend!!! Can just imagine it -- the story was told very well! Anytime you're up for a repeat <LOL> I'm there! Thanks! Mark

mnfun952 102M

3/12/2005 3:45 pm

I have a couple of good hot-tub stories too... I'll have to post those in my blog... but yours is definitely one of the best I've read... very hot! You've managed to produce a 'reaction' that has my jeans feeling VERY tight right now.

our_bound_dream 48M/48F
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3/15/2005 6:58 pm

Er uh.... anyone for champaigne and a hot tub???

IPman 61M
313 posts
3/18/2005 1:07 pm

Wow.... I guess thats why they call them HOT Tubs...

Thanks Elysium7 keep up the good blogging

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