A week ago (sigh)  

Elysium7 52M/44F
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4/8/2005 2:44 pm

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A week ago (sigh)

Well, its been a week since our big party adventure. If my family or friends and neighbors had any idea of what sort of "secret life" G and I were living, they would be totally shocked. I think. Maybe not. I am, I'll admit, a shameless flirt and tease. Can't help it. Its something that I've done since I was old enough to be aware that men were noticing me. Have I used it to my advantage over the years? Sure. Never to hurt anyone though...at least not deliberately. And I'm proud to say that I never "led guys on" when I was dating. I might flirt and tease, but if I ever really let a guy think that he might get into my pants, I always gave him at least "something". I gave so many guys handjobs when I was in high school that my right wrist was larger than my left! LOL I was much more selective about who I went down on and especially who I let get inside me. I don't think that I would say that I was (am?) a "slut", just ahhh.... "sexually active".

I read about how many women have been molested, or abused, or , and I am relieved to say that this has never happened to me. I have been pressured into sex a couple of times when I didn't really want to, but in each situation, I had to assume at least a portion of the blame. So no complaints here, I've had a happy and healthy sex life since I was just a teeny bopper.
If you had told me back then, that as a "mommy" I would go to a party and let four different men have sex with me (including my husband), I would have probably laughed, but a week after the big event, I have no regrets. It was fun. It was amazingly erotic. It has had nothing but a positive effect upon my marriage. Maybe G and I are weird or unusual, but as long as we share the experiences, I think that having this "open" sexual relationship is going to be a very positive thing. Maybe we'll outgrow this, I don't know. Doubt we'll be doing this in the nursing home!

I really appreciate all of the nice things people who read my scribblings have had to say. I do enjoy writing about this stuff. If people find it "arousing", well that's cool. I really enjoy reading other blogs as well, and I think that there are some that are so much more interesting and clever than my pathetic babbling. We are going to put our profile "on hold" because we have been contacted by so many people. Who would have thought that this little state is so full of perverts! LOL People ask for pictures, but we have posted only a couple in our "album" 'cause we don't really have that many and I feel kind of weird having pictures of me or us out on the internet. We don't have any of us "doing it" 'cause no one has every been there (yet) to take any. Also we live in a wicked small town in a small state, and well...you know how that works. We have some conversations going with a few people that might lead to another adventure or two or three. We'll see. Lots of single guys have contacted us, but I think that we're mostly interested in couples. There are a couple of fantasies involving another guy or two that G and I have talked about trying to "live out". And maybe something with the right woman. I intend to be "picky" 'cause, well, I think that I can be.
G seems to "get off" watching or sharing me with another guy alot more than I do watching or sharing him with another girl. Well, I haven't actually shared him with another girl yet, but who knows....! Watching Kara and Karen making love last weekend was a total turn on for me. I guess that you could say that I'm "bi-curious". Sometime I'll relate my one experience with another woman. (It happened back after my first marriage ended, I was like 22.) I'm not sure that it matters so much whether its a man or woman, as it does the PERSON inside. Well, I suppose it may have some effect on the actual event and who does what to who. LOL I am certainly more or less attracted to certain physical types and attributes (BIG DICK LOL!)but really, a huge part of the sexual attraction is mental. I find Kara so much more attractive that way than I do many or most men that I meet.

Here's a tip guys, if you want to impress me (or most any other girl) emphasise your big brains more than the length of your dick. A good sense of humor is incredibly sexy. I have slept with more guys because they made me laugh than because they had perfect hair, fancy cars, or "buff" bodies. (Not that I'll just drop my drawers for any fat gross guy who can tell a joke or anything!)

So, its been a week. I can close my eyes and still feel Bill's "long dong" reaching so far into me, or Peter's fat cock stretching my poor little pussy. I can remember how sexy it was to watch my special G man giving little Missy the ride of her life. She looked so cute and young it almost made ya want to puke! LOL There's something though about the combination of innocence and wanton sexuality that is just mind blowing. If any of the guys (or girls I suppose)have fantasies about fucking the babysitter or whatever, Missy would be the perfect candidate. Wonder what she'll do while JJ is overseas for 18 months? Sure don't think that she'll be celibate. I can still hear the sound of sweaty flesh slapping sweaty flesh, the grunts and groans and moans of people reaching for that big "O". The smell of sex. The taste of come.
Karen's big boobs waving back and forth as she was eaten by Kara and fucked by Bill. Missy riding G and having Peter grab her head and stick his club of a dick into that perky little face. How she didn't choke and gag as he fucked her mouth I can't imagine. Maybe she did, but being impaled upon Mr Popsicle and with Peter holding her head as he slid in and out of her mouth, she probably couldn't do a thing except keep sucking and hope that he would come before she suffocated! How one person reaching orgasm triggered almost everyone else within minutes to follow. How lucky we were that this turned out to be such a great experience when we hear horror tales from other folks about their first "party". God damn I love SEX! L.

GreatHotGuy72 44M

4/8/2005 3:58 pm

you're doing a hell of a job . . . . . just realized that over the time you've been bloggin and i've been checkin in from time to time, you went through a huge transformational moment (here i am talking like we're buddies - pass the salt, please) and, well, i can hear it in your words. congrats and well done. brave and honest and sweet and, in the kindest way, sexy.

Tala4u2 54M  
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4/8/2005 5:33 pm

Just so open and refreshing you are in describing experiences, you and 'G' have got it together. And as for 'Missy' being so innocent and the babysitter fantasy type, I am pretty sure you could play the role yourself Elysium, hee hee of course for a twist just to make it a fantasy for you it could be the 'mummy' who plays with you after babysitting. lol

Tala, Wizard of The Kingdom of BooBoBia, DEITY,

scubasnack2005 58M/58F

4/8/2005 5:53 pm

Wow. Great description.
Can't wait to see if you start a new trend ... "MEN: Please contact me if you have BIG BRAINS". AdultFriendFinder will certainly have to change the male endowment options, and I hope they don't have Male Brain Endowment=Thick option (although there are plenty of those around).

Maybe those anatomy shots will give way to 'forehead' shots... Although there are a lot of guys with foreheads that reach to the back of their neck (not that there's anything wrong with that)!

I wonder, Elysium7, if you'll be able to start that new trend.

But until then, LOVE you blogs! Great job. --scuba

redswallow777 48M
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4/8/2005 6:38 pm

Mmmmm....sound like quite the party.

adelitafan 55M

4/8/2005 10:26 pm

I envy you!

Sweetypidreams2 56M
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4/8/2005 11:26 pm

hi sweety, would you do me a favor before you sign off and just write to my beautiful other half and tell her that you are not a 71 year od man out for kicks. She thinks your too good looking to be true and that because she is not a computor person that everyone that is on the computer that is attractive is a phoney . I love your thoughts and adventures as does she, but how can someone so normal and beautiful be real. please help me to make her believe that vermonters are and can be,{like us} attractive and real. thanks and xox feel free to wink. Our ad is for a male but that was a mistake that AdultFriendFinder has not let us correct,see ya in tha pictures!!!!!!!!!

mnfun952 102M

4/9/2005 9:46 am

It's fun to enjoy what you're into at the moment. Perhaps you and G WILL get tired of it some day...perhaps not. The point is that you're not holding back, you're exploring what you want to do and you're not letting other people limit your adventures. Have a great time! ...and for cryin' out loud... have Missy come over to 'babysit'.

Elysium7 52M/44F

4/9/2005 12:45 pm

Hi sweetypiedreams2, as a poor standard member I can't initiate contacts, but I promise you I'm not a 71 year old man a 51 year old man or any kind of man. That would certainly come as quite a surprise to my mom and dad! LOL Why is it so strange to think that a normal woman (well ok maybe not normal...but at least a woman)would like to babble away on a computer? Geez, have you spent much time in this town in the most NW corner of our little Green Mountain state? There ain't much else to do! By the way, please tell her thank you for thinking that I'm "good looking". It's nice to hear once in awhile. XXXOOO L.

LickMe5X 52F
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4/24/2005 6:29 am

Let us know if you "connect" with Kara or any other woman.. I have been curious about what it would be like, myself

rm_LongNCtool 58M
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4/26/2005 10:45 am

It's been awhile since I've cum from just reading, but your descriptive writing above really did it for me. Of course, I can cum over and over during sex...so I'm still hard. I'll have to read more of your writing. Thanks.

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