She is out of my life...  

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7/16/2005 3:51 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

She is out of my life...

Well, its been since the 20th of May and I haven't had any signs of her coming back to me. I think in my heart she will, but she says no. She is already dating someone the she said she would NEVER date. We are still married, but she currently thinks that we are not, just because she had the divorce papers printed up. Whatever! We are still married! I haven't even been served yet. She is pissing of her family and her friends by being with this guy. Everybody knows its wrong including her. She knows I would never do anything to hurt her, yet she has gotten back into drugs, alcohol, and living the life she said she would never go back to. Why did she say this? Well, maybe cause she REALLY did fall in love and we have a 15 noth old son. I coming to get him. Thats right! She is currently 3000 miles away from me. She came to get him while I was at work and didn;t say a word to me about it. I thought someone stole him from his daycare. The sad thing was the daycare lady stood up for my wife and said she would be right back. Anyway, I still love her, and I can't get her outta my mind. My questions are: Is she doing this to get even with me from a past life I lived with a girl she doesnt like? Is she saying these things to hurt me back like I hurt her? Is ther a chance that I'll ever be with her again? What should I do? Should I let her make her mistakes fiorst to let her she I am the ONE? Someone please give me advice on helping me get my life, family, wife, and son back together again.

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