Funny stuff that happens in the bedroom  

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9/4/2005 8:04 pm

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Funny stuff that happens in the bedroom

Hi, This is my first blog posting I hope you will find it worth coming back to read.

Funny Stuff From The Bedroom

One Saturday I was having breakfast in bed with my girlfriend was planning to give me the full treatment. She was wearing this incredibly sexy camisole that was delicately lacy purple with a few black leather inserts. Her perky breasts were just edging out of the low cut lace and her garters were attached to some incredibly sexy purple thigh-highs. She looked so hot and wasn't wearing an panties, her trimmed bush ached for pleasure you could feel in. While wearing this sexy outfit she had made me a wonderful breakfast

I had just finished my gourmet meal and she was in the middle of having my swollen cock for breakfast. Life couldn't be better and more was promised to come, then there's several loud on the front door. She decides to answer the door for some reason, I tried my best to stop her, she was a bit of a type A and couldn't just let the door go. She's barely wearing a robe, and showing a good portion of the sexy purple outfit and her purple thigh-high hose and garters were showing. At the door were two finely dressed middle aged black church ladies wanting to talk religion with her! She tells then she agnostic and hopes they will go away, instead they were confused and wanted to know what agnostic meant. We laughed so hard after they left we never finished the weekend breakfast we had started.

Here's a short one that is not so funny. I'd love to hear some of your stories.

One night I was at my girlfriend's house, we'd put to sleep her 3 yo and were sure she was asleep. My lady was a short one only 5 foot tall and her cute little body had all the curves in the right places. Well I'm 6' 6" tall we were under the covers in her bed that was too short forme and really going at it. All the sudden my big toe is grabbed by the 3 yo, it was hanging out on the covers. My attention was extremely diverted and I quickly became mister little willy in a flash. The youngster was sick and didn't have a clue to what we were doing. One of those nights you wish you could forget.

Elliot000 60M
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9/5/2005 1:15 pm

Huny, I'd have thought with all your wisdom and experience that by now you would have know when in bed we are all the same height! It is a little harder for me to suck on breasts while making love, but it can be done. My last gf was 5'1" and the we had the best sex either of us had ever hard.

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