An evening all to my lonesome...  

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1/16/2006 10:39 pm

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An evening all to my lonesome...

I have never blogged before - not online anyway. Never felt the need really. Blogging is mainly one's mental soup poured into whatever medium is readily available. Back when I was in high school, blogging was called journaling, which I occasionally did. Now I just talk to myself. It's the quickest way to sort through my thoughts. My poor fingers could never manipulate a keyboard at a rate sufficient to keep up with my brain.

Anyway, who cares? This blog isn't intended to wax cerebral. My blog debut is intended solely to delve into the lustful. With that, I give you a story I typed in its entirety back when I created my profile here. It was originally a responce to one of the profile questions, and since I have no idea as to whether it's even been read, I'm posting it again here. So, without further adu:

One afternoon, while house-sitting for a friend, I decide that I need to have some fun with myself the coming evening. I begin a mental list of everything I'll need, going over every detail, not wanting to leave anything out. Before dinner I make a run to the store to pick up a few items that aren't at the house: a bottle of wine, some rope, shaving foam, and two very large potatoes.

The sun is going down when I get home, I've been thinking so much of how hot my night is about to be that I'm shaking with sensual excitement. I rush through the door, pour a glass of wine, and begin peeling the skin off one of the potatoes (being careful not to diminish its width). Upon finishing I make my way to the hall closet, collect a few candles, and place them around the bathtub. Then it's back to the bedroom to choose an outfit to wear after I finish my bath.

I begin undressing myself, untucking my shirt and pulling it over my head, exposing my naked skin beneath. A pass of my hands over my tingling nipples sends pulses of pleasure coursing through my body, making me tremble. And with that, I completely assume my feminine roll. I delicately unzip my pants, guide them down around my hips and thighs, and simply let them fall down my legs to the ground. I lift my bare feet through my pant legs, stepping out of denim and into complete nakedness. I rise onto the balls of my feet a bit, and let my hands explore my bare skin. I lightly walk over to the bed, where I've laid out a few items of clothing: rubber stockings and panties, two rolls of bondage tape, a black tie-side thong, a long black halter dress, black satin opera gloves, a small corset, a pair of stockings, wood platform mules, a pair of black 5 inch sandals, and beautiful long blonde wig. Since my legs will be the main feature after my bath, I decide on the long halter dress (since it has a nice long slit up one side), the thong, the 5 inch sandals, the gloves and the bondage tape, (the wig is a given).

Back in the bathroom I set my outfit down, and let the hot water run while I light the candles. I quickly make my way out of the bathroom to douse the lights in the rest of the house, turn the stereo to a jazz station (good jazz - a live cut with soft brass and a slow beat...none of that synthesized Kenny G. crap) and head back to the tub where a steaming bath is waiting to relax my body. After soaking in the water and flickering candlelight for what seemed forever, I began to lather my underarms which I promptly shave. I lather each leg in turn, and take my time making each razor stroke. I revel in the way the light catches my slender, toned legs. I shave everything completely bare, with the exception of one small patch of pubic hair that I've shaped into a small triangle (pointing down). I finish off with my chest, making sure it is completely smooth. Setting my razor down, I survey my silky soft body; rubbing my hands from my chest, down to the small of my back. Satisfied there, I continue my hands down my perfect ass, feeling only smoothness. My hands continue down the back of my legs, down my calves, to my feet. Then back up the front of my legs, letting my fingers run up my silky inner thighs. I bring my fingers right up to my crotch..."Mmmm...If I had a pussy, it would be right...ooohhh...there..."

Feeling the sudden need to be fucked hard, I let the water drain from the tub and turn the shower head on to rinse myself off. I turn away from the stream and let the water run down my back, while I lather a washcloth with soap and give attention to my ass - wanting to ensure that everything is spotless. Finally sure that my body is immaculate, I turn off the water and dry myself off. I sit myself down at the vanity, and begin a deliciously dramatic makeup job, with dark lips, and dark eyes. Plenty of mascara brings out the sexiest eyelashes I've ever seen on myself. I carefully slide the wig over my own hair, style it with a pick, parting the bangs a little off-center, and letting the rest of the blonde lengths flow down my back. In the mirror, I see a sexually hungry woman gazing back at me, fueling my desire.

After annointing my legs with lotion, I slide my panties on, making sure the tie sides are perfectly even, slide my arms into my gloves, and step into my little stiletto sandals. I slip into my halter dress, tying the spaghetti straps behind my neck. Bringing the lights up, I survey myself in the mirror one more time. I give myself a sexy, hungry look as I tower in my heels. My left leg and thigh peek through the long slit in the dress, my ass it silhouetted perfectly, the slits in the back of the dress playfully reveal my back. My slender arms look magnificent in the gloves, indeed, my figure is to die for! All that's lacking is a nice pair of C-cup breasts...but I'm too arroused to care much...

I head back into the kitchen and turn the lights on. I notice that the shutters are open and that anyone passing by on the street would have a perfect view of my doings. The thought just serves to excite me more. I grab the potato from the counter, the length of rope I had purchased, and another glass of wine. I walk into the living room and sit myself neatly down on the couch. "Dear Lord, how sexy if people are watching me!" I sit tall and proper - posing for no one in particular - drinking my wine with one gloved hand, trying not to misbehave with my other hand...but it's so hard. I finish my wine, and smile to myself a bit. The wine has made me a little tipsy...I feel a giddiness and impulsiveness building upon itself. I set the glass down and rise from the couch, fetching the potato and the rope.

The wall opposite the couch has a full-length mirror, in which I promptly begin posing for myself. Oh I wish there was someone here to fuck me! A little slut like me needs a good fucking! Not able to stand it anymore, I get down on my knees, kneeling in front of the mirror. I take the potato in my hands and bring it to my mouth. It's much too big to fit inside. So I begin to kiss and lick it, my saliva wetting and glistening on its surface. I hold eye contact with myself in the mirror, constantly teasing myself, constantly seducing myself. With one hand I begin to gather up the length of the dress, and haunch it up my hips. My other hand graces my nipples, sending more waves of ecstasy through my body. With my dress hiked up, I pull at the ties on my panties and let them fall to the ground. I lean forward and plant a hand on the ground in front of me, and with the other hand I bring the potato to my ass. I rub my anus with it; it still drips with my saliva, but I can tell that it's much bigger than anything I'd ever been fucked with before. I begin to press in, trying to penetrate myself with my newfound toy, but the only way I can hope to get it in is by resting my own weight on it. So I let my posterior back to the ground with the potato positioned correctly for insertion, and bit by bit, I let my body weight come down. My asshole is giving some, but my body positioning isn't helping me with the insertion. Determining to fuck myself cruelly, I pivot from my kneeling position, to a nearly squatting position. The potato is still under me, and I start to wiggle my ass while pressing down. I can feel it pushing its way in a little now, my asshole is spreading to accomodate its width. I'm glaring at myself in the mirror lustfully, watching every bit of my body. My asshole is tingling with tightness and wonderous discomfort and I realize that the potato can go no further. I resign myself a bit from pressing my body down, and I focus my hands on my nipples, gently rubbing them in a circular motion. That, combined with the sensation of the potato trying to poke its way into my ass, I feel my lust absolutely go ablaze! I reach behind my neck, untie my dress, pull it off and fling it away. Now totally naked aside from the heels and the gloves, I push myself down on the potato with a furious effort. My asshole protests, already being stretched to its limit, but forcing myself to continue, I begin to push myself down, and I can feel it starting to go inside me! Ohh! I'm feeling a new pain, unlike any other. Yet it only fuels my lust and makes me want more. I push and wiggle down more! I hear a gasp and cry escape from my mouth. Ah, the slut is screaming! Now she's getting the fucking she was asking for! I push even farther - the whole time whincing and yelping - and I can feel all sides of the potato pressing in on my tailbone, my pubic bone and other pelvic bones. The potato must be at least 3 inches in diameter at this point, it's about half way in me, and it's beginning to press inside me on a very sensitive spot. My asshole is completely ravaged, stretched to unbearable limits, and tearing at points, i'm sure. I sob and moan from the pain, but I'm determined to not stop now.

I begin to wiggle the potato against the sensitive spot inside me that I've discovered. The more I do so, the more I feel like I'm actually a real girl being fucked. I begin thrusting the potato at the spot and feel that the motions are bringing more intense sensations that make me feel even sexier. I can only described it as a painfull bliss. I continue to thrust the potato at the spot, and I find myself moaning and whining--pleasure mixed with pain. I feel a need to make faster thrusting motions, so I lay down my side and prop my self up so I can watch everything I'm doing in the mirror. Feeling sexier than ever before, I tilt up my knee of my top leg (in true pornstar fashion), and start to quickly thrust the potato inwardly, jabbing at my sensitive spot. Faster and faster now, I've almost forgotten about the pain my asshole is experiencing, I'm moaning and gasping for air, wailing and beginning to convulse.

I can feel an orgasm coming; a feeling of pain inside begins to spring up, my body tenses, my face twists as if to cry. And suddenly a feeling of ultimate pleasure, unlike anything I had ever experienced broke loose and sent my body into pure bliss. I was shaking and breathless with this newfound orgasm.

It seemed to last forever - at least a solid minute. I lay there, on my side, eyes closed, giggling to myself, as the sensation slowly wore off. Little did I realize at that point, how much a mess I'd made that night...

...True story.

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