An anal note on my anal blog below  

ElleFx 37T
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1/16/2006 10:53 pm

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4/5/2009 10:59 pm

An anal note on my anal blog below

Not only am I into anal, I AM anal. And just to prove it, here's food for thought:

I misspelled the word "sphincter" in my last blog! Grrr! You have no idea how infuriating it is. Granted, I'd never written the word out before (to the best of my knowledge anyway), but still, it's no excuse. Why, oh why didn't I clear it through

Oh well - note to self: Hukked on fonix izzint werking so gud inney mor.

Maybe no one even noticed my mistake. I mean, hey, I'm a self-proclaimed English-nazi, and even I made a mistake. Ok, ok. So I'm just as fallible as the next person. I admit it

MissBainbridge 28F

12/12/2008 9:05 pm

wow! Take a deep breath hon, it's okay. You get one "get out of jail free" card with spelling. and you used it ^_^

completely unrelated note: Is your icon an anime eye? what's it from?

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