Here We Go Again, AFF...  

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1/5/2006 6:13 pm

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Here We Go Again, AFF...

The last time I was here and in full force was back in the go-go days of '01 when money was no object and I decided to make a change in my life, deciding -after weeks of timorous wavering- that I was going to have my sexual needs met.

It was a big step and it was truly empowering to find not only that I could get my needs met (while providing a useful and enjoyable service to part of the AdultFriendFinder community , but that I had something to offer besides my wondrous lusty self-in-action. After plenty of cum-drenched love-making, I found interesting women with interesting lives who appreciated me -sometimes a lot- as someone who could listen, empathize and be a good friend. This helped prepare me for embarking on serious relationships later on. It fed my soul and gave me confidence and pride.

It still does.

I lurked for a long time, AdultFriendFinder was more open in those days of yore (God, I sound like an old tymer! Hopefully I won't be saying this through a gat-toothed grin decades from now...). But I finally did it, I made the paradigm shift from "nobody wants me" to knowing I could get sex if that's what I was after. Transformation is cool. Takes gonads though, and those gonads are things I continue to work on and develop. Like a muscle! ( hee, hee, hee)

In a way, I can't believe that I'm starting this blog here. HERE! I mean, AdultFriendFinder! Oh well, plenty of other great thinkers and writers hung out in whorehouses. Nietzsche played the piano in one (and died of syphilis later -made his philosophy late-in-life interesting!). For good or ill, I'm sure I won't meet his end but I won't match his creativity either!

So much has changed. More on that next time...

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