Day 2 -The Search Continues  

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1/6/2006 10:14 am

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Day 2 -The Search Continues

AdultFriendFinder has gotten more complex, it seems there's much to set up and I'm personally not too thrilled with my pic but, its a start. I'm curious what people'll think, "gentle hippie", "unwashed mountain man", "too squinty" or "cute guy". One thing I've observed is that people are extremely variable, there's a lot of diversity out there and what people like sexually is one of those places.

I've noticed plenty of het men embittered because they can't conduct themselves well or they're not somebody's type and I think its tragic on two counts:

1) These guys feel victimized and blame the women they're seeking for why they're not getting any and,

2) The cultural stereotypes of what we're s'posed to be looking for are oppressive in themselves.

I used to think that I always needed to meet women shorter than me because that's what I liked and because they wouldn't do otherwise. While I generally tend to find shorter women more hot than taller women, I'm now less caring about what the rest of the herd thinks and more interested in the qualities I appreciate. I once had an LTR with a wonderful women who was much taller than me. I'm grateful for that experience for many reasons but in tiny part because it opened my eyes to barriers we set down that really aren't our personal limits nor those of others.

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