Thoughts...Chapters of life!  

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4/3/2006 7:31 pm

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Thoughts...Chapters of life!

Today my thoughts took me back to last year at this very time. A year ago..I was about to imbark upon a chapter in my life that would bring me peace, love, joy and happiness. With that came sorrow and heartache. But, in those precious few months... I experienced a love that only happens once in a lifetime.

I truely beleive life is lived in chapters. It is like a good has it's good moments, scary moment and sad moments. As in all good novels... you never know how it will end...or what is in the chapter to come.

My current chapter is about finding me...or atleast I think that is what it is about. Ha Ha Ha

I have been single for a long time.. but in some peoples eyes..not long at all. I've met people who have been single 7,8-10 or more years. Wow.. that is a scary thought for me. I love being with someone special. Last year I found a man who brough me happiness like I had never experienced before. It is funny as I look back on it... I never beleived in TRUE LOVE. I beleived that we grow close to people and love them...but never beleived in the fairy-tale of falling in love. one simple kiss...the sparks began to fly. After that day...I knew TRUE LOVE was real. Being in love is so SPECTACULAR! He taught me how to laugh... and cry with passion. We did so much together.. from picnics in the shopping in the Hill Country together. It was so much fun. The passion we shared was so obvious, not only to us..but people in public would often comment out how radiant we were together.

We went on trips...Once I went with him to his hunting lease in Brady,TX. Wow... how fun it was. I seen deer and elk..nature there is unreal. We went caving...swimming at Lake Travis and he even liked going to estate sales. With one look in his eyes...I felt more love than I had ever know.

Now..the icing on this cake was our sex life. We were perfect for each other. He had this incredible hairy chest...which I find absolutely sexy. He also had this sexy long mustache which tickled my fancy..hee hee. His cock was beautiful..about 7 1/2 beautiful inches...nice and thick and he knew how to use it. He loved to lick my pussy... and could make me cum in momemts..then come up and kiss me. Sharing my pussy juices with me. He would always start out by teasing my clit with the head of his cock... and then when he entered was a slow gradual process...letting me feel every inch as he penetrated me. Once he was inside me he stopped,holding still..not speaking but our eyes locked and we knew... we knew!

He had never experienced anal sex.. giving or receiving. I of coarse love anal... giving and receiving... so soon we shared in that very special moment. He loved it..and trust me so did I. We bought toys for each other.. used toys on each other.. and with every stolen moment, we fell deeper and deeper inlove.

We role played... we shared every hope and dream.. sexual and real. We talked about having another man join us.. but decided it would complicate our relationship. So opted to role play it with toys and verbal "dirty talk". That was incredible. Imagination.... wow, what a wonderful thing it is.

Funny how some days..memories flood our thoughts. I miss him..I miss what he made me feel. Perhaps that is why I am so picky today. He showed me how good life can I want it again.

He was married...or should I now say..he still is. He filed for divorce, moved out...moved in with me..then returned to the RICH wife. Money can't buy happiness. He taught me that.. but when the wife has millions, it is harder to leave it. Obviously...

So.. he is in Texas, with a wife he does not love...but a bank account we all dream of. I hope he is happy... and I am thankful for the "Chapter" in my life that he brought to me.

Without that chapter.. I might not beleive in passion, love and happily ever after. If you look back on the chapters in your life... you to will remember a chapter in your life where there was a special someone who made you feel like you are envincable. Keep that thought close to your heart. It was real...and with that experience.. you and I are better people. No shame in that.

I love him..miss him and wish him the best. But, most of all I thank him...for giving me the happiest chapter in my life to date. Someday I know there will be another man who brings me more joy and laughter than I can stand... and I will bring him more joy and laughter than he ever hoped for. Til then... I will continue my chapter of ME.. and smile as I seek out that one special person.

Yes, part of me wants to just throw caution to the wind..and just fuck all of you.Ha Ha But,... one, I would be exhausted and two it is to risky and not who I am.

So... as I continue to blog about me.. I hope it helps you find old chapters in your life that make you stop and smile. Memories are a beautiful thing... enjoy them.

And as my life goes do the chapters. And.. I will contiue to share them with my AdultFriendFinder friends.


GoddessOfTheDawn 105F
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4/5/2006 10:24 am

thx 4 sharing .... and hopefully there will b some more great chapterz ....

funkentjay1 55M

4/7/2006 4:41 am

You are such an incredible lady. I love to read your blog. I hope you find that special one again you deserve it roses and hugggsssss

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