An then... reality struck!  

Elegant_N_Nasty 49F
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3/19/2006 4:08 pm

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3/20/2006 7:09 pm

An then... reality struck!

Good evening to all of you. I want to express my geniune appreciation for each of reading about me, my life,loves, passions, family and all other good and bad dramas.

Well... I had a tragic night last night and my day was not any better today.

Last night (saturday),I got up from a breif nap. I had felt bad for several days. Tired and a unreal headache for 5 days. As you will recall in my blog several nights ago..I explained I had a headache. all came a real reality last night that there was something very wrong with me. So off I went to the after hours MedCenter. Thinking ok I will get something for my headache and be back home in no time.

No such luck. I got there and my blood pressure was 211/134..yep...that high. All of which explained the unreal headaches. Well.. then they were panicked that I might have a stoke.. or even worse..a brain bleed, do to the extremely high blood pressure. So they immediately sent me to St. Francis Hospital. Where the entire cardio team was waiting. The did EKG's..brain CT-scans and the whole lab work up. Yep.. extreme high blood pressure..continued. Even after several different was still high. The top number remained over 200 and the bottom was over 100. Finally this morning around leveled off. My headache subsided and I felt well again. So opposed to staying I talked them in to letting me leave. I got home... and went to bed about 1:45 and was woken by a horrible heache at 5:45 this morning. So.. off I went to walgreens to fill my new prescriptions and to buy the wrist BP checker... after I left there I was violently ill... not so much due to the high blood pressure 213/111..but the bill...$248.00!! That is unreal. Geez..I miss insurance.!! So.. I took my meds and went back to bed...hour later I was miserable and called the doctor back...and of coarse he had me come back to the hospital. Where I spent the entire day til just moments ago.

The good news... I am VERY healthy... but my blood pressure is out of control. (Inherited by family,improper eating and lack of exercise) So.. why am I sharing this with you? Because I learned that most people have it and don't even know it and that is why it is the #1 "silent killer". So..take it from me... take care of youself and stop and check your BP regularly at your local Wal-mart or drup store.

So.. I am feeling so much better now...but learned a very vauable lesson. Never take life for granted. I we all do. But.. I am now more focused on being healthier and trying hard to eleminate a repeat episode of the last few days. Yep..I have to be on meds for a lifetime to come. But..hey..if it keeps me healthy and let's me continue a normal is a small price to pay.

Best wishes to you all... and remember.. High Blood Pressure is a "SILENT" killer. SO...if you are over 30...over weight or have a history of HBP...get it check often and if you need meds..take them..done miss a one of them!! And...for all you increases your chance 10 fold!! Beware!!

I will be good as new in no time... and I look forward to enjoying my life..I hope you are in it!


timberwolf6972 44M

3/19/2006 4:42 pm

That's really scary! Stuff like that runs in my family and my dad has been on my ass to go get checked out. I probably should. I hope you get that under control soon. {=}

greatguyintul 55M
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3/19/2006 5:37 pm

I got checked and am now on meds to keep it under control. You are in my prayers, Barbara. Ray

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rm_bigfiddy50 48M

3/19/2006 5:59 pm

As I detailed to you in an email, I lost my father two years ago to a myriad of cardiac related problems. I'm glad to hear you are feeling better and that through a somewhat harrowing experience you now know what you're dealing with. One of my former supervisors at work once told me that "Knowledge is indeed power, but how you use it is the true power".

Hang in there, Barbara...

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