Confessions of an Unsuccessful Strumpet  

ElectraXOAthens 47F
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9/10/2005 6:44 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Confessions of an Unsuccessful Strumpet

Dear Screen,
Been unsuccesful------again----trying to get into a chatroom. Called customer service about it....we shall see what happens.

Been trying to reach Mr. S, as he promised to take care of some of the debt I have aquired.
He left one message, but I could not reach him again....I do hate when men/guys make promises that they will not or cannot keep.....i never asked....he volunteered, on my birthday, which was on August 2nd.
Other than that........i have succesfully gotten off pain killers.....yay! (with very little withdrawls)...but have found that ibuprofen is not much of a substitute; however until I find a non-addictive script, I will just deal with my battle wounds.
Dear Screen,
Pray for me...
I embrace you, as you, like pain, like the best of friends.......are always here for me.

ks_traveler67 49M

9/10/2005 7:44 pm

I'm sorry to hear that, unfortunately, not all people have or know what integrity is.

BTW Happy Belated Birthday, mine was 14 days after yours and i spent it alone

Plano69 54M

9/10/2005 10:09 pm

About your problem with chatrooms...
I had trouble too until I installed a newer version of the Flash plug-in, and clicked on (flash) next to the room-name. Now everything is smooth as .... silk..

If that's not the problem...LOL! I hope customer service figures it out for ya...

As for promises... I think everyone at one time or another breaks them... Sometimes there's a good reason... at other times...

If nothing else, it does say alot about where you are on thier priority list...

or else they're:
on drugs
have a very low IQ
assholes... HAHA!

Anyone who breaks a promise to a Goddess deserves everything they don't get...

Tucker6950 66M

9/12/2005 2:08 pm

Happy belated birthday, of course...And doble congratulations on the pain-killers side! A much tougher road, but you can do it...Without knowing the type of pain you're experiencing or trying to address, it's hard to comment. Did you see a Doc?
Sure it's hard to get your hopes up on the other thing, but that may have been as noted a promise not meant to be kept...They may be other avenues more satisfying in the long run?

mojo_rizzin1331 43M/37F
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9/14/2005 12:00 pm

good girl screw those pills !!!!!
when u get on the chat rooms look us up in the norcal room late @ night or before 1pm cali time k
STICK TO YOUR GUNS !!! pills suck and dragons thrill
mr. mojo_rizzin

rm_GoodLickin65 51M

9/15/2005 11:24 pm

Miss Electra,
Sorry to hear about your being dissapointed. but glad to hear your winning the battle.
Happy birthday a little late! I was still celebrating mine(July 31) when yours rolled around!

Lust_To_Spare 49M
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9/17/2005 11:28 pm

I stumbled across your blog by chance...which was even better than locating the car keys I lost on vacation last year!!! (Now if I could only remember where I actually parked my car back in August 2004)

Oohh. Speaking of misplaced. I need to return some movies. I rented a DVD (actually 4 of them) from a local "Adult" novelty establishment. I've been in there more in the last 3 months than the last 3 years combined. Granted that may be about 4 visits, but's more!

A friend of mine had never really seen porn and was amusingly enthusiastic about taking a peek. So, I took her to a local establishment that is a retailer of products designed to "tickle the fancy", as well as probably do ticklish things to the "interior of the fancy". It also appeared to have several authentic looking replicas "of the freakin' fancy", in authentic full -scale (how do people know?) size.

Note to self: Get one of those for Uncle Castagliani and ship it to E block where he is for another 19 months. In fact, get one for all the dudes on his "block". Vito might take more showers if there's less "testosterone-laden tension" when he walks around.

About the movies...we made a few selections with the helpful recommendation of chief Smut Inspector 7. Then we went to my friend's house. I think we saw about 15 minutes of the movie before we got completely distracted by "couch activity." That eventually gave way to "kitchen table" activity (we needed water) which later gave way to "bed" activity.

Around 7:00 AM, "bed activity" transitioned into "why the #*^$#% do I have to go to work on a Saturday" lamentations on my part. And I was off and running...unshowered, but sufficiently satiated in an erotic way.

I forget my point here. Oh, yes. I need to return the movies. Doubtless they've charged my credit card 4.5 times the retail price, added a 33% per annum late charge, compounded it daily, and then made an additional adjustment for reasons undisclosed.

God I'm babbling. On someone else's blog, for jimminy crickets sake. The shame of it. Fact is...I'd like to do a co-blog entry. This is my first forray into blogdom, having never blogged my way into the oblogitory realm of blogitature. I'd like to blog you up and down the wall, blogging you seventy ways till Sunday.

Especially if you dance. I know your bio didn't say you danced at the Crazy Horse Saloon in Paris but...are ya sure? You're not holding out on us are you?

Well, here's looking at you!


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