Where IS She?  

Elder_Velvet 68M
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6/21/2006 2:55 pm

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9/14/2006 4:49 pm

Where IS She?

I'd love to find a gal that's as horny as I am.

The kind that thinks a FuckAThon some afternoon sounds like more fun than painting the garage.

A gal that likes the idea of fucking in each room of the house.

Someone who enjoys sucking my cock as much as I like eating her pussy.

A girl who just loves it when I massage her G spot while burying my face in her snatch - then comes so hard she squirts down my throat and passes out from the intensity of her orgasm.

A gal that'll ride my Sybian until I have to help her get off of it, then fucks my brains out because she needs more.

A gal that maybe likes a little kink, just for fun. That I can take shopping in a short skirt to show her off - and maybe likes to give the old boy a BJ in the parking lot.

Someone who, when I'm snoring, will wake me up with a blowjob rather than a poke in the ribs - and say: "As long as we're here, and you've got that, whaddya say we put it to a good use?"

That's my kinda gal.

Know anybody like that?

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