Why is it?  

ElBlancoKid 71M
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8/10/2005 5:01 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Why is it?

Why is it that older men seek out younger women? Why is it when an older guy does hook up with a very young woman he gets insecure? Or jealous if she as much as talks to another guy who may or may not be younger?

Why does an older man grieve so much when the young lady breaks it off? Why is it so hard for him to understand a young woman needs a young man to marry and have babies and maybe a career?

Why is it that young women want sex from an older man but when he gives her too much she decides it's time to leave? And how much is too much?

It's true that many older men take a longer time to reach orgasm. Why does it make a younger woman leave when she should be receiving pleasure from the longer sessions of sex?

Why am I asking you? Because it happened to me.

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