Life could be better.  

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9/12/2005 6:31 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Life could be better.

My first entry in the diary of my life. A crumby life it maybe, but its the only one I've got.

I now have my right leg in a plaster cast, it seems that doing the right thing and helping out a so called mate may not be the wisest chice
! I set off to calm a bad situation down and end up getting smacked in the face - then I trip up and fracture my ankle......... Cheers mate, next time I'll let the tosser lump you one!

I ride home with a busted ankle, the emergency room/A&E dept don't believe me when I say I didn't know it was broken ---- so what if I don't complain? --- there are more than enough losers out there that will complain; taking up more than my allocation!!!

So here I am, stuck for the next 6 weeks, I can't ride my bike, I can't even take a piss without having to hop around on one foot..........

Life sucks at the moment....

Heck, on second thoughts, it ain't to bad: maybe I can find a MILF or two here on the net to pass the time?

EchoBase going on quiet time for now; more info later.

EB out.

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